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July 31, 2015

Cottage Fairy Garden 2015

Nestled in my garden this year's Cottage Fairy Garden has taken on the whimsical feeling that I wanted.
The white alyssum has filled in like a hedge and given the character I wanted.

The copper garden cart under the arbor holds clay pots ready for planting.  All my fairies are gardeners!

Just beyond the arbor is a spot to rest in the shade and enjoy a some petite sandwiches and a drink prepared by the fairies!

This one must be a teenager- she's content to sleep a lot!

Always something to plant or tend to!

This fairy with her rake made me think of Cinderella so she has to be near the magical pumpkin carriage!

The footbridge provides a quick hop over the pond. The fairies are always busy tending the plants!

The whimsical dining set on the tree stump.  I had to lift the hydrangeas a bit so it's visible.
Another teenage fairy sleeping- haha!  

That's pretty much it here at the Cottage Fairy Garden!

Everything is at peak around here in the gardens.  I wish I could make it last twice as long!

The last of my lilies blooming.  
This is (dwarf) Oriental Lily Angelique- I like that it doesn't get very tall and it has the sweetest face on it!

Thank you for visiting and your kind comments!



  1. You have arranged everything so prettily!! xx

  2. Liz, I love your fairy garden. It is just beautiful. I know when things are doing well and the temperatures are just right...I long for summer to go on forever. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Your garden and patio are lovely - the fairy world is simply divine. Love all the activity going on.

  4. Your fairy garden is lovely. I love the contrast of the red roof up against the white of the hydrangeas. I adore the gardening fairies, they are precious and their settings are wonderful. They kind of make you want to have a drink of Alice's shrinking potion to shrink yourself down so that you could play in the fairy garden too.

  5. Your fairy garden is so, so sweet.

  6. I enjoyed your fairy garden! So very cute! Hoping you are enjoying the rest of your summer!


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