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August 3, 2015


A weekend visit to a local Lavender farm.

Let's make our way to the fields...

Dan found a spot to relax while I clicked away taking pics!

 You are invited to cut your own if you like.  They sell cut bundles but it's a lot cheaper if you do it yourself however the bees made me think otherwise!

That's the little store up on the hill...you know I'm going there!

The black landscape fabric helps control the weeds.  There are no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers used.  They sell lavender for a variety of uses along with food items so they are safe to use. There was a fair amount of winter kill this year which is why some of the plants look so woody.  One of the gals said they had taken the approach to see what would come up.  The plants will get trimmed down to about 2" in the fall.

I had seen feature on the local news channel a few days before about Lavender Hills Farm so I made plans to go there on the weekend since the reporter said the lavender was at peak.  I'm guessing the story had been previously recorded because it really was just past peak.... so I did the best I could to take photos of interest.  At least there was a pleasant smell of lavender all around.

Sunflowers and lavender....

There was a lot of bee actively so we didn't wander too closely to the plants.

 There was a nice gentle wind keeping us cool...

A bit of free form art...
I think it's supposed to be a basket with a handle.

If you follow me you know I have a fairy garden.  I spotted this and was tickled to see another garden cottage like mine.

How about a spot of lavender tea!

Of course I couldn't miss taking a picture of this... red geraniums and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly!

 Bits of white lavender, hydrangeas and garden art...

Had to take a close up...I see a ceramic bread basket upside down as the base, a painted flower pot, blue cobalt glass vase and then the tea pot!  I'm sure it's all bonded together with some hi-tech glue.

I was going to close with this soft image but...

As we left the little shop with our purchase I noticed all these people had appeared on the hill and I had to snap more pictures.  
Seeing this little one playfully running with delight made my day! 
(I used PicMonkey "focal soften" to enhance the picture)

Interesting note: This little lavender farm is located along the outskirts of Boyne City off of Horton Bay Road.  It is also near the area that Ernest Hemingway visited often as a very young man and married his first wife.  I'm including a link in case you'd like to check it out



  1. What a delightful outing Liz, I have never visited a lavender farm, is the scent intoxicating? I love all the whimsical garden art tucked about, and you never mentioned, did you buy anything? Is there a lavender recipe coming soon?

    1. Yes I bought some things to be gifts for my mom and sisters. I didn't spot any recipes being offered but I may have missed it. It was a little busy in there and hard to stay focused! There was lavender sugar and baking lavender packets offered and some little tea cookies that I grabbed.

  2. I bet it smelled divine. It is absolutely breathtaking. I hope you bought some sachets for your drawers.

  3. Absolutely wonderful Liz! Thank you for taking us along!

  4. What a great trip to the lavender farm. Love the name. Dan looks totally relaxed. It was great taking in this adventure.

  5. What a beautiful place to visit. The fields look gorgeous and I can almost smell the wonderful scent of lavender!

  6. Liz,
    What a delightful day in the Fields of Lavender, dear friend!!!
    Early in our years at this residence, we had lovely Lavender plants. . .
    but they started to "choke" out my Gingersnap Rose Bushes!!!
    Two years ago, I had "Mr. Ed" fix two berms and we planted one
    lavender plant into each berm. This year was our first harvest!!!
    I l o v e having the fresh lavender and keep it dried within our home!!!
    I adored that handmade basket filled with lavender plants!!!

  7. How much fun! I just got back our lavender bushes here (after he bees were all done!). I smelled like lavender for a few days! Hope you took a nice bouquet home with you!

  8. What a fun farm. We have one south of here, but I have only driven by! I adore the smell of lavender. It really does relax me!

  9. Oh I would love to visit a lavender farm Liz! What a fun outing, I bet the fragrance is heavenly there. I always enjoy seeing bees hard at work too :)

  10. Oh Liz, this was fun and so pretty! What a gloriously beautiful outing you had. I love lavender, it actually grows quite well in Texas. On to read your other posts!


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