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March 6, 2013

Sunshine all day!

We had sun all day from morning to nightfall for a change and It was a pleasure!  I snapped off a few morning and afternoon shots of my flowers. I know they are just tulips but I have so enjoyed seeing them..

 In the morning the sun comes up behind my house so my kitchen gets the first sunshine of the day.

 I enjoyed the variety of this bouquet so much.  I don't splurge on fresh flowers very often so I definitely appreciate them!

 This one seemed to be reaching out to the sun.  It wasn't hard to capture it's beauty!

 Later in the day the sun was beaming through the living room windows so I snapped a few pictures.
 I'm glad I gave myself this present of flowers!

 I was pleased how sturdy these were and how they stayed up so nice and straight!

I slipped a few in a take home bag for my daughter who was visiting over the past weekend. They took a 150 mile trip back to her apartment. That's her Murano vase she brought back from Italy. She found it in the closet at home and took it back with her. Sniff.. there are very little traces of the kids around here anymore.

It's interesting how different the morning sun looks vs. the afternoon sun on the flowers.  
I'm pleased as punch that the snow is rapidly melting around here.    
All I have to say is- Old man winter... take a hike!!



  1. Oh, what a gorgeous tulips and colors of this bouquet!! I'm so sorry there are no tulips around here, I just adore them, soo gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them. Big hugs, sweetie.

  2. Those tulips are just gorgeous. They are bright enough to chase away the winter doldrums. I am so sick of winter here, too. UGH!!!! I look around here, too, and find only a handful of things that still belong to the kids- xo Diana

  3. Your tulips are so pretty and I love all those bright colors. Photographs are amazing, so sharp!

  4. Would you mind speaking to mine too?! ahahah
    No Spring here. I was so thrilled in the garden during the past weekend but Mr. Winter returned with a vengeance and since late Sunday hasn't stopping raining and messing around.
    Those tulips are amazing and the murano vase priceless - sun loves to play in Murano, you know? As they warm the hearts of loving Mums.
    Take Care and thank you for sharing (one day I'll invest in tulips for my garden, they're so elegant),

  5. Those are so gorgeous. Love the bright colors. They make a beautiful presentation for your table. I couldn't pass them up either. I am sure they are making your home a brighter place.

  6. I agree that winter can take a hike!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE your tulips. I have to get to the grocery so I can get some, FAST!!! I keep seing them around blogland and love them so much. have a GREAT, sunny weekend. XO, Pinky

  7. Hi Liz! Your tulips are so lovely and I do love your snaps with the sun shining in. I know how sunshine makes us fill! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  8. Flowers can make you happy on the grayest of days...they are beautiful...enjoy them and enjoy the better weather...
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Your "just " tulips are lovely.
    I look forwrd to seeing tulips in the garden.

  10. There's no such thing as "just tulips", Liz. I love them. Your multi-coloured bouquet is gorgeous and the photos you took are great. I like how the dark background sets the flowers off so beautifully.

  11. Your tulips are beautiful and so is your photography. Maybe spring is really just around the corner and I can't wait! Your flowers remind me how much fun it will be to get outside and work in the yard with the warm sun shining on me. Hope the sun continues to shine for you.

  12. These are really great, Liz, and I don't know how you resist putting them in a baby harness and carrying them around with you all day! :-) The colors are just gorgeous together! They really look fantastic in the Murano vase, too...like they were made for it! I know it's not fun to have the kids so far away. :-(

  13. Tulips always make me smile! As we still have snow around these parts I tend to get some often! lol The Italian vase is just gorgeous. I understand as well how difficult it is to have the kids far away.


  14. Beautiful tulips...I miss mine! and that vase, mercy, that is one gorgeous piece!!

  15. Liz, I'm loving the colors of your tulips. They make me think of Easter eggs. :)
    Good for you treating yourself...you deserve it. Thanks for sharing them. I haven't seen any pretty ones in the stores lately. Glad your snow is melting. Come on Spring!


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