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August 9, 2012

Thanks and Inspiration

I don't know if anyone pays attention to details like how my blog recently got a makeover, but I wanted to thank Linda at  
Life with Linda
  for her help (once again)! She's been so generous over the last 2 years since I started blogging.  I get around pretty good with my blogging, but there are some aspects of it that are above my head and I'm so grateful to have her assistance! 

Thank-you again Linda!


While visiting the One King's Lane web-site I was intrigued with these shell embellished items and copied their pictures for inspiration!  I thought I'd share them with you since I know so many of you are good at crafting and might be inspired by these too!
 This is a fun way to take a picnic basket 
over the top!
I'd be using it as an accent!

 I like the way they used the two shells in the center of this box, almost like a handle!  
These are by someone called Karen Robertson
This was another design that I liked.  They wanted $149 for it.... (suggested retail $295)?? huh??  to pricey for my blood

I'd like to embellish something to be in my nautical room.  I see sea shells at all the craft stores and I have a bunch of my own.  Now I have to decide on what I can use!  

A quick cell phone picture of my nautical room....I will have to take better pictures and show the room in another post!
I'm linking up with 2805 for
Potpourri Party #36


  1. Linda is so sweet! Your blog looks fantastic.... :D

  2. That is a sweet shout out to Linda. Between the two of you last week, you got Vernice on the straight & narrow with her blog. That was SO appreciated!!! I do love the wallpaper for your blog and would love to have that as a fabric for drapes in the eat-in area of our kitchen!!! Can't wait to see what you create with your seashells. I know it'll be a knockout! Your creativity has been seeping out faster than the Missouri river runs!!!

  3. Liz, I LOVE shells! Did you see the things Paula Deen embellishes with shells? Ron, at The Uptown Acorn decorated a garden bust and it looks fabulous. What are you thinking of embellishing?


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