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August 20, 2012

Late Summer Bonus-Dried Hydrangeas

 First I'd like to show you my Annabelle Hydrangea shrub that was blooming like this July 25th- This picture shows a good variance of the colors and how it changes.  The most white coloring is how they start out- then they fade to a soft green- then it becomes a bit deeper and deeper eventually going to brown.
 *see additional information on drying hydrangeas
August 8th I cut them and hung them to dry...I stored them in the garage until the 17th....
 They shifted a little more in color but I'm happy they still have the green color.

I found this pot on my garden bench that I purchased from Wisteria last year.  
I stuffed a block of styrofoam into it and began
gently placing the stems.

I chose the tallest for the center.  I positioned the heads the way I felt they should be displayed and poked the stem into the styrofoam- often on angles.

I put everyone of them in there!

 I also tucked moss in to fill in between the stems for a little more finished look.

I'd like to dry some of my Limelights which are a white and stick some in there but that will be weeks away- so for now this is it!

I like the detail of the pot.  I tried to get another one after I received it but they were all sold out... go figure!

First I set them on the kitchen table which looked good but I knew they'd be getting moved off the table too often so I decided to put them out on the dining table.

I decided to try out this new mirrored tray to set them on.
Reflection is always nice...

 Then I decided I had to embellish it a bit more...

A pair of glass candlesticks and my goose statues added some flair...
I wanted something new on the table and I unexpectedly got it!  I really never had this in mind....but as I'm learning those are the 
things I end up liking best!

*Additional information on drying hydrangeas.
They have to be allowed to go "past prime" on the shrub- so you can't cut the fresh perfect blooms.  Otherwise they just shrivel up and don't look very good.  

This picture shows some real fresh ones-  and some older ones that can be cut.
You can still put them in a vase of water.......When they aren't drinking anymore just dump out any extra water...you can leave them in the vase or dry them like I did. These are Endless Summer Hydrangeas and they are really easy to dry.

Once they start to shift and look a little more papery you can cut them to dry. 
Here is a closeup of how they look when they shift...they do lose color a bit
but that can't be helped. 
This is a bunch from last year that I clustered together and dried.  These were still in a vase of water but soon after I removed the water.

I'm joining BNOTP for 
Metamorphisis Monday

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Tabletop Tuesday


  1. Fantastic! I have these but have never tried drying them, thanks. Your vignette did turn our beautifully. Visiting from Met Monday. ~Lori

  2. Beautiful! I'm going to try to do this too. I love how they still look so great in that pretty vase in your dining table. Thanks for the idea and tutorial! Enjoy your week.

  3. Liz, your flowers and vase are beautiful. I was wondering how to dry the flowers. I have never dried flowers, so this is very helpful.

  4. You hydrangeas made a beautiful bouquet! I love my Annabelles and dried a bunch of them too. I haven't made a bouquet of them yet.

  5. Your hydrangeas look great! So jealous of your lovely large hydrangea plants.

  6. Your flowers are beautiful. I thought I would cut my own hydrangeas today or tomorrow to dry them, too. Don't you just love them? xo Diana

  7. I'm glad you included the last bit of information about allowing them to go past their prime on the shrub because I am sure I would have messed that up big time! You did an outstanding job with the drying, the arranging and the resulting vignette!!! I love how you put the pot on a mirror to double the image back. It's beautiful!!!

  8. I am hoping to have some hydrangeas to do that with next year!

  9. Yes, it really is a beautiful late summer bonus!

  10. Great minds think alike Liz, I just did an arrangement of Annebelles a couple of days ago. Your choice of container is perfect, I love the fact that its not so tall you can't see over it, lovely. Thanks for haring.

  11. They are very pretty and i love the planter!!!

  12. Gorgeous! I love hydrangeas any way I could get them. We live in a rental house now and I miss the hydrangeas I used to have. I never did dry any and have even thought about buying some...they're so gorgeous! Yours look wonderful and I love the planter too!

  13. My goal in life is to have hydrangeas like this. Just stunning. I just cut 8 or 9 blooms from my endless summers that were pretty much dried. They look nice in my pitcher. Just wish I had more! Your bushes are incredible.

  14. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous. They made a lovely centerpiece too!....Christine

  15. Great tutorial on how to dry and arrange hydrangeas. I miss not having them in this yard. I've planted them but they don't do well in full sun here. Love the container you used. Beautiful……

    the French Hutch

  16. Beautiful! You are so fortunate to have hydrangeas! The information about how to dry them was really helpful. I don't blame you for looking for another container - that one is really pretty and works perfectly to hold an arrangement of full fluffy flowers like hydrangeas.

  17. Oh I am so jealous. WE can't grow them here and I just love them. So beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  18. Love them! I have some in my garden, but have never dried them. I think I need too! I'd love for you to share this at my party, Twirl & Take a Bow at www.houseontheway.com. It's every Tuesday through Sunday. Hope you can stop by!

  19. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower!! I wish mine were blooming right now! Come link up to Centerpiece Wed. on my blog.

  20. I love hydrangeas too, one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing the drying tip. I'm going to try it.


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