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August 10, 2012


I recently did a post about my mother's 90th birthday party.  I included a couple of her dolls and said I'd show you more of them- so here we go!
 (You can click on the image to see it larger)

There actually used to be more, but she's been giving them to family here and there.  I made the bunnies (on the floor by the cabinet) for her back in the 90's. She added ruffles to their outfits that I made too!  They were supposed to be 
Amish bunnies so they were plain, but she 
put her own twist on them!  LOL

I'm quite sure she made all of these on this shelf
 I don't know their names but they all have one!

She made the ones in turquoise, pink and two that are in dark blue
 Some she ordered from catalogs
 Some she bought at doll shows

(On this shelf I know she made the one in pink)
 She did make a bunch of them and their outfits.
 Of course the dolls she made are molded pieces, certainly not hand made, usually they are 
pre-fired, and pre-painted with their faces 
when you buy them. 
You can buy an unfinished body and do it yourself or buy the finished bodies and then dress them. You buy the hair that you want for the dolls and shoes, jewelry, parasols, etc.

 She made all of these too.

One thing my Mom loves is lace and ruffles!
As she puts it, you have to gussy it up! 

These two large pictures have been around for at least 30 years.  She started her ceramics classes in the mid 70's and continued through the early 90's.  My dad passed in 1991 and she slowed down quite a bit after that.  Some parts of her home are exactly way they 
were in the 90's.  

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Hi Liz. Your mother's dolls are so sweet. My mother has dolls too.
    Be a sweetie and have a great weekend,

  2. God bless your Mom,Liz. It is wonderful that she found so much joy in dolls and doll making. I have few that are gifts from my friend (who was also a doll maker) She taught doll making for several years and had the kilns in her basement for firing too. I bet your Mom took some classes from someone like her somewhere along the way? Their outfits are just gorgeous- I can tell she likes lace and ruffles. The clothes are certainly a labor of love- xo Diana

  3. How gorgeous! Your mom's skill in making their clothes and even the dolls is SO impressive! Seeing her talent makes it clear where you get your artistic touch.

  4. Your mom's collection is so sweet, and I'll bet she knows the story about each one and their names. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to your mom.

  5. That is a whale of a collection!!!! I think what I like best about it is that many of them were made by either you or your Mom. It's good to have a hobby! As for your Mom's house stopping in the 90s, I think some people do that as a way to remember the deceased spouse or child. They want to have as many memories around them as possible. It's like making time stand still, I guess. Ramon has always said that if I were to suddenly pass he would never, ever change anything in the house. I figure I would never wash any of his clothes because I would want to be able to preserve his smell. Everyone has their own way, don't they? :-)

  6. What a beautiful display of things she loves. My mom doesn't make very many changes either. I wish I could be happy with mine that way!! I think it's that generation that went throught the depression. I love the pictures that have been around for a while too.


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