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August 11, 2012

Hydrangea time!

A year ago I was posting about my Endless Summer Hydrangeas and a few others.  I couldn't have been happier with how they were doing!
Here you have a fine crop of hydrangeas with NO blooms!  Grr....  I'm convinced it's because of the early warm up we had then the various freezes that came afterwards.  When I think back on it, I realize that these started growing later then normal too.
This is my City Line, Paris hydrangea that also has no blooms!!
I went through my pictures from last year at the same time and they definitely should be flowering by now....darn...Well the plant is healthy anyway!
 My Annabelles did well, but its a young plant and the stalks are not heavy enough to support their own flowers so I tried to help the plant with my wire cage...it looked good for a bit, but then some of the stalks bent over the wire and I decided to cut a bunch of the flowers to dry them.  I hope they keep the papery green look they have! My alyssum came back from last year and look so nice! I love freebies!
One of the Annabelle's that I cut...
These hostas were put in last summer and they have a super tall flower stem on them!  
How pretty their flowers are!  
Wouldn't you like to be a bee flying inside of me!! 
(I made that up!)
I am tickled that my PeeGee hydrangea is flowering nicely this year! I mentioned before that it only had 5 flowers last year.  I was worried I had placed it in a bad spot but as with a lot of plants/shrubs/trees the 3rd year is the charm! (Sleep, Creep and Leap)
I like how the hosta filled out around it too...you'd think I planned it or something! 
PeeGee Hydrangea...up close...
I will capture pictures of the flowers in their various stages...
Our front my Rose Mallow-Hibiscus plants are slow to get going.  I did some reading on these and they claim they won't even pop out of the ground until you have at least 70 degrees consistently for a while....My husband kept saying their dead...I kept hoping he was wrong!
I think there are flower buds forming!  Let's all say YAY!  
This garden bed out front is winding down....the Daisies are 98% done and the Cones are about 70% done.  These Black Eyed Susans are blooming but kind of short this year.  As you can see some Delphiniums are blooming again!  Another YAY!
 This is my Limelight hydrangea shrub again....the flowers are really full and absolutely beautiful!  I'd love to have these in my backyard  all over the place but I have too much shade.  Aren't they quintessential summer!
They'll turn a tad bit pink and get papery....finally more brown.  You can leave the shrub alone and enjoy them in the winter and trim them in the spring!
Back out near the patio I see my impatiens that I planted along the walkway finally got going.  I had to trim some leaves off the hostas to give them some light and space!  
My Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora rose has done well and I'm pleased with how it's performed.  The information I read on them has all been accurate.  They claimed they are fairly disease resistent, and they can take the cold winters too!  I did use a spray on them early in the summer to stop the Rose Chafers from eating them up but I haven't had to treat them for a while.  I gave them some Rose Tone fertilizer in the late spring and lots of water.
It's a pretty flower....these are close to being done but still pretty!
I put a spike, sweet potato vine and begonias in this pot and they've all done well.  These begonias are easy to grow, no maintenance..just kept them watered...that's my kid of plant!  

We've cooled into the 70's and are having very enjoyable sleeping temps.  The wind is blowing today and the leaves are rustling...it has the sound of fall to it!

How are your gardens and plants doing?


  1. Very pretty. I've had some problems with the Hydrangea this year also. Just a weird year all around, although most are blooming now but with the drought not as much and nothing grew. Your LL looks beautiful. I just started taking some pictures of them for next months post I guess since some are behind starting to bloom.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Liz, your flowers all look beautiful! Everything here has pretty much peaked, until we get some cooler temps. Of course, my knockout roses and native plants are all going strong. A few of the hostas are looking a little parched; but, my lamb's ears are growing like crazy! My sweet potato vines and caladiums are fabulous on the front porch. So, I guess, for this time of year, here, we're doing ok.

  3. Liz, your flowers are lovely. I know you spent hours working in your yard and it paid off. Relax and enjoy your gardens now.

  4. Those limelights are really showing off!!! I'm sorry the others didn't bloom - its so hard to wait on them for nothing. Next year though - we are always anticipating the next year as gardeners. Your gardens are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. What a beautiful garden! Oak leaf hydrangeas are the only one I have success with here in TX. It's a treat to see your blooming garden.

  6. Oh how I wish I could trade my yard for yours. Your yard is absolutely gorgeous.

  7. What a glorious garden you have, Liz--I love the huge limelight hydrangea, and the coleus in your pot by the impatients and hostas are so lovely! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today for a visit--I do appreciate it very much!

  8. You have a beautiful garden...love hydrangaeas! I have one ( the PeeGee variety ) on one side of my house and it must taste good as the flies and bees and various other insects are always surrounding it! :)

  9. love the pop of color that hydrangeas give this time of year...curious if you cut your hydrangeas back last year and maybe that is why it's not blooming? where i trimmed mine they are not as happy (blooming)...so i'll have to wait till next year since they bloom on old wood. thank you for sharing over here this week at Fishtail Cottage's garden party. oxox, tracie

  10. Your gardens are still going strong Liz! Love your hydrangea!


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