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August 23, 2012

A walk around the yard....

Well finally... my Rose of Sharon 
(Althea, Hibiscus Syriacus) is blooming!  
It's certainly taken it's time this year to bloom!  Actually I am glad to know it's alive and seeing it bloom was a nod to the fact that I didn't kill it last year when I gave it quite a cutting back! There are a lot of buds yet to open but they are all facing the neighbors house!  I figured I better take a picture before I forget to!
You'll notice the bumble bee was visiting too!  The flowers are a purplish blue double bloom.

Such a pretty flower...

Now on to some random shots
 These Black Eyed Susan's haven't amounted to much this year.  They seem shorter than normal too...
The Stella D'Oro lilies are blooming again, but of course not as prolifically as the first time.
 Some more Delphinium
The Yarrow and Coreposis are still blooming
The Russian Sage has a very wild look to it this year.  I think they prefer to be planted in a spot where they can be on their own.  At least is smells good!
 The Sweet Alyssum that returned from last year has filled in nicely

Smells good too!  We have leaves dropping here and there....the fall season won't be long!

On the deck...I am awarding myself the "ugliest potted plant" award...this Sweet Potato Vine has been polite enough to produce flowers but I can't say that I 
enjoyed the plant.  
Very mixed about my plants I chose this year.  I need a better plan next year!
Let's wander to the back...
The arbor has Sweet Autumn Clematis...no blooms yet...and Morning Glories growing with no flowers too!  What gives??
Along the path some hostas with unusual flowers!  
 The shade in the back yard provides a great environment for these plants
 I only fertilized once this late spring with the Flower Tone and Plant Tone and the annuals
got a sprinkling of Osmocote as they were planted.
The always reliable Impatiens make a great display...the Golden Japanese Forest Grass, Hakonechloa "Aureola" gracefully lay along the stone wall...

Lastly, my planters in front of the garage took off rather wildly! The Sweet PotatoVine really got a run on and has just about taken over!  I do like the red Supertunias...they made a good show. 

One of the bloggers I follow Cabin & Cottage left this sentiment on a beautiful post she did- it grabbed my heart strings and expressed my sentiment!  
With her permission I'm sharing it...
(please click the link to see her beautiful post!)

When the season finally changes, it will be sweet and a bit sad.  I will want to hold summer tightly for a moment as you do with a loved one when you wish you could stay forever.  Already waiting, though not idly, until the next time you meet. . . .


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  1. I have the same thing with blooms not coming. Some of my Hydrangea are trying to bloom now, I think the early heat in May caused a lot of buds to burn up personally.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Liz, this is the perfect end to my day...taking a stroll thru your beautiful gardens. I didn't plant as much this year as I normally do. I was afraid that we were going to experience a drought like last year; and have long-term water restrictions. It wasn't as bad; but, I had enough color to keep me happy. Love seeing your flowers!

  3. Thank you Liz! I admire your beautiful garden. I visited friends in Michigan a few times over the years, and I just marvel at the rich dark earth. Plenty of rainfall usually too. I visited our botanical gardens yesterday, and know that a lot more is possible in our climate than I make the effort for, but we all have our gifts. Thank goodness that some of you nurture and share a lovely garden so that we all can enjoy it!

  4. Your garden is stunning! Everything is just lovely including your "questionable" choices. I've got a few of those myself! Trying new plants is part of the fun in gardening.


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