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August 13, 2012

Newly Inspired Mantel Decorating!

I haven't changed anything about my mantel since January when I was inspired by 
another blogger's mantel.

While browsing through my new Architectural Digest and Southern Living magazines I saw a couple of mantels that inspired me to try a couple of new things.

~Note you can always click any picture to see it enlarged

First I was inspired to try the layering pictures...I've seen it done a lot, but never envisioned it for me...but something finally sparked....

The above is from Southern Living magazine 

 This is from Architectural Digest

I saw the candelabras on the mantel and I looked over at my two candelabras on the dining table and thought...hmmm.....why not? 
(Note more layering too)

Here's my newly decorated mantel!

 I was going to show you the 8 different ways I tried but decided you didn't need that much information!
 I even moved my big bowl that I posted about last January to the mantel.  I like how the light catches the design and adds texture.
I had mixed feelings about liking it after I purchased it, (I got it on Ebay and hated to pay to return it) but now I'm finally feeling good about it! 
 I wanted some kind of animal feature and decided to give my little dog statues 
(Nell Hill's) a try.  There is a pair of these but only one works in this setting. These are cute little affordable versions resembling the well known Staffordshire dogs.
 The only thing new is the square picture  
(Hobby Lobby) and a printed picture of a door handle that I slipped into the frame I got from Pier 1 
a while back.

Note: I used clear rubber like stick on pieces to keep the pictures from sliding.

  My Tuscan vases that were on the mantel are on the floor and my favorite candle holder is on the hearth now. 
I'm not sure if they are staying there.  I have a couple of metal stands I may try,  but for now that's how it looks!
It's a very dull gray day because we're getting rain.  Not much brightness to help take pictures so things are a bit dark.  
I hate to use the flash, because it ruins the affects.
With the Tuscan coloring I have in my room it's easy to bring in the feeling of fall.  I haven't begun to think about fall decorating, but it won't be too long for that!

 So what do you think?  
I hope you liked it!


I'm joining Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life
Tabletop Tuesday


  1. Your mantel is beautiful Liz! I love the candelabras! Forgot to tell you I love your new blog background the last time I was here!

  2. I love the new look, Liz. I love your colors. So rich and warm. Yes, autumn is around the corner. xo

  3. It looks great, Liz. I have always loved the layered look and you did a wonderful job- xo Diana

  4. Two VERY enthusiastic thumbs up!!!!!!! YES!!! I like it! I like it a lot! I love it! I might now even be inspired! I pretty much do nothing with our mantel because it's just so dang narrow and I get very frustrated with trying to make something work up there. I am somehow able to do things around the holidays (totally by accident, I assure you!), but that's about it. I LOVE this layered look!!! I've seen it in magazines, but it helps to see it in "real life." I'm totally going to use that idea of the little rubber dude to keep things from sliding forward, too!!! That has always been a concern, and that is the perfect solution without ruining the wood's finish. You go, girl!!!

  5. What a great job decorating your mantel. Your home is beautiful and I love the shape of your fireplace. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Liz
    I really like it, especially the picture layering.
    I like you woven looking basket too!

  7. Very nice Liz. The layering look great. Love the basket. I haven't done much with mine lately. Before you know it, Fall will be here.

  8. Looks like you are really in the fall mood Liz. I haven't started any fall decorating yet, but it still feels like summer here. I really like the candelabras and the way you layered the pictures. Plus the dog is a cute added touch.

  9. Oh I love the look of all the layers. Gorgeous. The pictures, candles and bowl look amazing all together. I think you did a fabulous job and I love the arrangement on the floor too. Continues the look. Beautiful. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  10. I am a nut for mantles and, actually, I would have enjoyed seeing all eight versions. What a fabulous space you have with that great cut out, and the color of your walls is so warm and cozy. You did a great job, I love everything that you have on it.

  11. You've been busy with your blog lately !! I've been trying to remember to check it every week but you got a few in on me. I love the new mantel look. This room is so comfy I'd probably fall asleep often.


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