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March 6, 2016

My Easter Egg Tree and more Bunnies!

We always had an Easter egg tree when I was a child.  The eggs were hand painted by one of my Aunts and a satin ribbon was wrapped around and made into a bow to hang them.  They no longer exist but I found some eggs a few years ago that work well.
This year I decided to use these cherry blossom branches to hang the eggs from.  One year I used pussy willow branches- loved it!  You can see that "here".  

Using my entryway table once again for another seasonal display.
I dug through things I had and made up a new way to use some of them.

I noticed this little metal basket in my closet of goodies and thought if would make a fun display for some more eggs.  Then I topped it with this fat little bunny I got at Pier 1 about 3 yrs. ago.  The little carrots were from JoAnn's last year.

This sweet little bunny was a new purchase from Pier 1 this year.  I happen to think she's the sweetest thing and couldn't resist bringing her home.  

This little chick was also from Pier 1 a few years ago- too cute with bunny ears!

I feel like giving her a name….
My daughter suggests "Miss Marybeth"….. I like it!

Hooray the sun came out!

Teddy has to be nearby!
We've had a nice weekend and are expecting to be up in the mid 50's by Tuesday!  Hooray… though it may be a short warm up we'll embrace every minute of it!

Blast from the past-

That's me in the middle.  Those curls came from "pin curls.  Some of you may remember doing that!  My Aunt Lavina and Uncle Ray (Dad's brother) always came over for Easter and brought us our chocolate bunnies which we couldn't wait to eat.  If you look at the table you can barely see the trivet I made at church for my mom.  It's finely crafted with popsicle sticks and beads.  I tried to enhance the picture because the details were too soft- the original is below.  There's a little arrangement on the table with a candle in the center and it's surrounded with flowers.  The glass turtle candy dish was an amber color- his top is off to the side.  We were already done with our dinner so the table was mostly cleared.  There are white hobnail glass pieces on the hutch and even the chandelier. (circa 1966)  The picture below is the original I copied.  

Easter will be here before we know it!

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  1. I love the photo of you as a child! And the fact that you had an Easter egg tree. What fun that must have been.

  2. Terrific Easter d├ęcor on your entrance table. Love the Easter bonnet on your newest bunny! I can see you come by your desire to decorate from good sources based on the nice Easter table from your younger days. I remember getting "pin curls" too - thanks, I had forgotten the joys of sleeping on all those bobby pins!

  3. Beautiful Easter memories here. You made me smile and think of my own childhood. Goodness did I had a blessed one. My auntie Ang's sister Kay lived in LA and back then you could only buy See's candies in California. She would send my sister and I a chocolate and nut filled solid Easter egg and they wrote our names on them. We thought we were quite important. I love all your Easter treasures. I have a hand crocheted basket and some eggs Auntie Ang made for me. I would love to have more of those. But alas, I have zero talent for crocheting or knitting! Sigh....great fun here and thank you for sharing the b/w photos too. Precious memories. Have a great week. xo Anne

  4. What a cute bunny display! And that photo, Liz, is a treasure!...Christine

  5. Hi Liz,
    I popped over from Linda's blog to see your lovely new header and how fun to find this wonderful post! It made me smile from beginning to end. Happy Monday :)

  6. Hi Liz,
    I popped over from Linda's blog to see your lovely new header and how fun to find this wonderful post! It made me smile from beginning to end. Happy Monday :)

  7. Love that photo of you when you were little! So cute! I love the Easter egg tree and the vignette in your foyer. Your new header is so pretty, as well! Have a great week.

  8. Very sweet Easter tree. It looks lovely on your table. Love the photos. It bet it brings back so many wonderful memories. Teddy looks quite comfy.

  9. I remember pin curls. Then Spoolies for making a pin curl. Soft pink plastic. I love your retro picture! Lids, crafts, and holidays just go together...and make memories. Your table vignette is so pretty, and I love your white bunny! Sheila

  10. Everything looks all ready for Easter at your place, Liz. I the photo of you in your cute little dress and your pin curls! So sweet! Enjoy your sunshine! ♥

  11. Your Easter Tree is lovely. I have been looking at Easter trees on Pinterest all week and I think yours is by far the prettiest. I love the picture of you with your hair done up in pin curls.

  12. Love the Easter egg tree and Ms Bunny with her spring chapeau is adorable! The picture is priceless...I remember bobby pin curls, spoolies and the pink plastic rollers.

  13. Your Easter tree is so pretty with your eggs and cherry blossoms and your fat bunny made me laugh out loud! Love your pin curls :)

  14. I'm inspired! I started changing my kitchen tree to an Easter theme but didn't have very many items. Your eggs with ribbon loops look great. Your table display is so festive...Miss Marybeth is fabulous!

    Thanks for sharing that awesome throwback picture. I was a pin-curl girl, too. Love seeing the old light fixtures and such, too.


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