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March 14, 2016

Couldn't Resist- Started Playing With the Fairy Garden

With all the nice weather we've had I just had to go outside to do something.
 Hubby used the leaf blower (you can see him in the left corner of the picture) to clear off all the debris that has fallen from the trees during the winter.  The burlap around the shrubs were removed but we haven't opened up the fountain yet. 

 I brought out the cement fairy cottage.  I decided I wanted it higher up so I built up a couple more rows of brick pavers and added a step in front.   I'm just playing at this point with my ideas but this is a good start. 

I picked through all my stones that were spread all over to cluster together to create a little hill next to the steps.  My goal is to help it look like it's been there a while.  The more I fussed the more of the little accents came out.  It's so incredibly early for me to be out there doing stuff like this that I keep waiting for buckets of snow to fall on us again.  

I stored the stump in the garage too because the little table set is stapled down to it and I worry what the weight of the snow would do to it.  I just fluff some soil around it and it looks like it's really in the ground.

I don't have outside water access right now so I couldn't clean things up but the rains we're getting may help with that.   

Elsewhere in the yard this is what mice and voles do under the snow.  What a mess they made this year.

 A little bleak looking but a start!  Once the plant life grows the magic begins!  Let's keep hoping that this early spring weather continues on!


  1. Oh my goodness, your cement house is so adorable!!!
    I have a stump where I have my fairy door against…I left it out and my hubby ran into it with the snowblower :(
    I love your garden…even without the greenery

  2. Every time I see a fairy garden I want to start one. Yours is sweet and I look forward to watching the plants/greenery grow up around it. I think that this is something my granddaughter would be thrilled to do with me.

  3. So cute it is that fajry house... I have some fairys but no house i will have to get one sokn cte.. Hapoy new week with love Janice

  4. Hi Liz, it's beginning to look so cute with your special touches. Love your darling cottage house and they way you built up the stone work. The little bistro atop the tree stump is too cute too.
    I worked a bit in mine yesterday too as we hit 90 degrees. It was actually hot. Not a summer time hot when the temps are 90 for days, but a very warm spring day if that makes sense!! Have fun and I hope it only gets better from here. xo

  5. What a sweet little cottage and fairy garden. I can finally have one outdoors - we are having a roof built over part of our deck and so the Washington summer rains won't make the fairy garden a mess anymore. We just get far too much rain to leave things out unprotected.

  6. I love your faery garden. One day I would like to have one.

  7. It is amazing what a difference a bit of tidying up makes isn't it!
    Hope you can get out and do more soon. xx


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