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March 24, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me and Happy Easter to You!

Everyone has been complaining because Easter seems too early this year but I've always enjoyed it when it's in March because it's close to my birthday.  I think it's because I associate Easter with Spring and that gives me the sense of renewal which reignites my optimism!  Of course as a child I think it just felt more festive with Easter bunnies and birthday cake!

1964 with two of my sisters
An after church pose at home. This picture cracks me up because of the look on my face.  I remember that bright green alligator with pink trim which was one of my birthday gifts.  I figured out that my birthday has been close to Easter 15 times in my lifetime (using the month of March as my marker) and that particular year it was within 5 days.  The last time it was actually on March 24th was in 1940 and the next time isn't going to be until 2391 which I know I won't be around for!

Fast forward a whole bunch of years to the present!
Dan and I were up in Petoskey and discovered a new "favorite" place for me to go called 
Monarch Garden and Floral Design  

They are a florist shop extraordinaire. There are loads of faux plants like ferns, moss, ivy, florals, as well as pottery, accessories and natural plants and flowers.  They are the kind of florist that puts together unique one of a kind arrangements.

We both spotted this lantern/conservatory at the same time.  It was empty but my mind started running with ideas of how to decorate it.  I didn't want to leave there without finding some accents since they had so many to choose from.  The owner said they change things out color schemes 5 times a year so that's pretty exciting!

I started out with the tall finial type piece that I spotted and when the owner and I started chatting he found the ferns that I was looking for and the pot to put them in.  I found the bird and asked about moss and he brought out three different kinds and I went with the reindeer moss.  I had some small stones at home (but I need more) that I added once I assembled it.

There are two ways to open this. The top is hinged and opens up so you could reach right inside as well as a door on the front panel.  

My first instincts were to create this kind of look but you could also set it up with a large candle.

We both loved the detail it has and agreed we hadn't seen one like it before. We stuffed a toothpick into the side where the handle goes into the little ball to keep the handle upright.

The sun popped through so I took another shot.

I moved Mr. Easter bunny over here too!

I switched from a wax tea light to a flameless tea light to enjoy in the evenings.

So that's my birthday gift from Dan and I love it!

We're going to have an Easter gathering at my Mom's.  I'm working on ideas for setting up the dining table.  I've got some thoughts brewing but I haven't settled on anything yet. 
 This is a link to our 2014 gathering "here".  My niece made the cake for Easter and stuck a little Happy Birthday tag in there for me!

Happy Birthday to me and Happy Easter to you!


  1. Happy Birthday, Liz! I hope you have a wonderful time. Love, love the lantern and you decorated it beautifully! xxx Maria

  2. Happy birthday Liz. Yes, Easter is early this year. Your gift from Dan is lovely. I love the details, truly elegant. The sweet picture of your childhood is adorable. You don't look too happy. The cake is so cute your niece made. I hope you special day is fabulous. Hugs

  3. Happy Birthday Liz. ♥ I hope you have a wonderful one.

    Your lantern is beautiful! I love all the little details and filigree on it. The way you styled it is gorgeous.

  4. Happy birthday and happy Easter! I was thinking you need Petosky stones in your lantern to fully complete its gorgeousness. Wonderful visit with you today.

  5. Good Morning Liz and Happy Birthday my friend!
    Now this is what we call a grand shopping trip and I adore the lantern, you always decorate everything so beautifully.
    This was the sweetest childhood photo ever and brought back fond memories of my own childhood too!

  6. Liz,
    A very HaPpY BiRthdAy to YoU, dear friend!
    I adore your conservatory/lantern!
    The intricate detail is stunning!
    Love your arrangement.
    You're going to have an amazing time "playing" with this piece!
    Have a blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter, too!

  7. Love your new lantern and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Happy Easter too.

  8. Happy Birthday to you Liz! I love the gift from your hubby! It's so unique and beautiful.

  9. Happy birthday dear friend and many blessings to you.
    I love your lantern, it's lovely, besides the fact that it's the prettiest lantern on it's own I've ever seen!
    Happy Easter to you too.

  10. Happy Birthday and Happy Easter Liz! I love your pretty conservatory/lantern and can see as a centerpiece for a table in the future :)

  11. Happy Birthday Liz! And Happy Easter! I remember wearing little Easter outfits with hats and little white gloves. Ah the memories! :-) sheila

  12. Happy Birthday!
    I love your conservatory/lantern!
    Happy Easter!
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us all at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. We are so glad you are here!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday Liz! I feel the same about Easter when it is in early April as that is when MY birthday is. And I love doing what you did...picking out my own birthday gift! What a gorgeous lantern and you've styled it perfectly. I can just see you looking over to enjoy it in the evening with that faux tealight's glow inside...I know I'd do the same. Love the "vintage" photo of you/family dressed up for Easter church service. I miss seeing that these days. Wishing you a very Blessed Easter and hope your birthday goes on all weekend too!

  14. Your lantern vignette is glorious and I loved the circa 1964 photo.

    Thank you for linking up this wonderful post on Thoughts of Home on Thursday. May you have a glorious Easter!

  15. Happy Easter and Happy Birthday Liz. I love your unique lantern. You decorated it so beautifully. I love the town of Petoskey. We drove through the town and I wish I could have stayed to explore. They had some charming Bed and Breakfast inns along the lake. Gorgeous! We were driving to Legs Inn Polish Restaurant in Cross Village. Michigan. (It is 20 north of Harbor Springs.) Have you been there? I loved my drive along Lake Michigan. Beautiful area and I am sure there are some lovely shops. Great birthday pick. Wishing you a fun and memorable birthday.

  16. LOVE THAT CONSERVATORY and especially how you arranged what's in it! I want one too! Wha t a perfect birthday present for yourself!

  17. That is the prettiest lantern/conservatory I have ever seen!!!! It is gorgeous. Dan is a sweetheart to give this to you for your birthday! I love how you have decorated it too!!!


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