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March 12, 2016

It's only March 12th but it feels like spring!

It seems like all of us are experiencing an early start to spring. I can't tell you how happy I am that all our snow has melted already with the exception of the giant piles of snow that are man made from all the snow clearing that has to be done in parking lots etc. 

 Backing up a little- I took this in January on a pretty sunlit day.  There is a buffalo farm not far from us and they just looked so cozy this day relaxing in the sun I had to take a picture.

 I couldn't help but admire how the snow accented our big ash tree one Sunday morning in February.  

 Notice this area on the tree- it looks like a heart doesn't it?  It was close to Valentine's Day and I thought that was interesting!

The backyard garden area...though it looks like a lot of snow it was much less as compared to our normal snowfall...no one is complaining about that part!

The turkey's have been visiting....they scatter easily when they spot me taking pictures

The winter garden...This is why I don't clear everything away until spring...love the ornamentation of the dried plants in the winter.

Last fall I set a pot of daffodils (that I never planted in the ground from last spring- LAZY) right next to my rose shrub last fall.... eventually it was buried by much more snow.  My plan was to dig it out and bring it in for some early blooms to enjoy.

As you can see in this picture the snow piled on pretty high.  We had several warm ups and melt downs which made for very dense icy snow and I literally couldn't dig them out.

We've gone from this to...

this in a few weeks...

Today the deck is empty and all the snow is gone! Hooray!!  It's not pretty but just being able to see the ground makes me happy!

About 2 weeks ago the Christmas Cactus started to bloom again. 

I intended to join the Sunlit Sunday party when I took these pictures but got distracted.

Finally due to the fast thawing we're experiencing I was able to dig out the pot of daffodils.  They had started to grow late last fall because it warmed up again.  All the green that appeared seemed to just go into a state of suspension.

I set them on the floor where they'd get some sun and in only a few days they've really taken off.  This is all the same greenery you saw in the picture before. 

Enjoying every minute of the sunlit days around here and looking forward to being outdoors again in the garden.

I will be joining-


  1. Enjoy the firs sunlight of early spring and your second flush of your Christmas cactus, at last we have sun here too and I fill my days with pruning roses....Love it, it is the sign of spring.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Spring sneaks in when we least expect. Your Christmas cactus will be an Easter Cactus this year - mine too.

  3. Wonderful flowers and sunlit views and blue skies! Spring is such a happy thing. :)
    Thank you for sharing and have a happy Sunday!

  4. Beautiful photos (most I like the heart in the tree)... and such a lot of snow! Well, that it's gone now!
    I cut off all dry stuff only in beginning spring too.
    Nice cactus in bloom.
    Have a sunny new week

  5. It is an early spring here too...glad to hear yours is moving along....love those turkeys.

  6. Yes I wrote about this too this morning. And suddenly Spring is here.
    I still doubt there will be only dance and smiles from now on - winter is not a season to give up this easily ;) - but it's nice to witness the rebirth of nature. And our own once we put coats away and embrace sun and breeze.

  7. Hi Liz, I so enjoy seeing the stages of your garden go from a cold white winter to the beginning of spring. It's springtime here too and being out in the garden again has been wonderful. I know you are ready too. Enjoy it!!
    Love your pretty cactus!

  8. Lovely photos! The cactus is so pretty. Mine hasn't bloomed at all this year. Daffodils are such hardy souls. To think of all that green just waiting under the snow. Soon there will be blossoms, too!

  9. I have had a Christmas cactus for over 2 years and it has never bloomed -- is there a secret? :)

  10. I've been very slow in getting over to visit your post, Liz. I love that yard of yours and can remember seeing photos of it in full bloom. The snowy photos and bright blue sky are gorgeous. I like winter, but am happy that spring officially arrives this weekend. Like you, there are Christmas cactus blooms here to herald the new season's arrival.


  11. All the snow pictures are so pretty. And that Christmas cactus is gorgeous.


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