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March 20, 2016

Easter Wreath for our Daughter

My daughter asked for an Easter wreath for her front door.  She wanted it to include something religious and and also with bunnies.  

I had seen some wreaths wrapped with burlap at JoAnn's so I decided that was my beginning point.  I found the bottle brush style bunny there and I bought a variety of silk flowers.

I almost forgot to mention that the inspiration for using the cross came from a post by Jemma from At Home With Jemma.  This is the link to the post "here".

 I looked around at Michael's and JoAnn's but had no luck finding a cross.  I ended up ordering from Hobby Lobby.  I chose two because I couldn't be sure which would work.

 As it turns out this cross is really too heavy so I couldn't use it so I gave it to her because it comes with a wall mounting hook.  One of the things I quickly learned while building this is the weight of the cross was a bit tricky to work with.

To start with I used wire to fix the cross to the foam based wreath.

 Once it was snugged up the wires were trimmed and bent over to poke back into the foam. I secured it in three places.  I just don't trust glue to hold up for something like this.
The foam wreath is also covered with straw on the body and then covered with the burlap.

Hubby helped with this.  He bent the wire and slowly pushed it through the body of the bunny. 

The back hook was created the same way with a curved piece of wire going through the foam and then a hook and loop was created to secure it.  We held the wreath up using a finger to balance it on to decide where the hook should go.  It had to be placed off center in order for it to hang correctly.

 Then I cut apart the daffodils which had a hard wire stem and started placing them.
My thoughts for what I used to create this were about the different aspects of Easter.  The cross/crucifix, eggs and flowers representing rebirth of life and the Easter bunny.   

I played with different ideas- poking in more flowers and some eggs.  

 Eventually I decided on these two eggs because they matched the colors in the viola flowers I placed below the bunny.

There were only 3 bunches of them so I took them all.

I also stuffed moss up underneath the flowers and under the bunny after I had secured everything.  Once I had everything poked in and secured I worked the flowers and greens into position.

I pinned some carrots up top but using a bow seemed to be what I was really headed for.

It's hard to get a good picture on my entryway door with the glass so I hung this on a bedroom door to see how it looked.  I had some stock on the pretty yellow wired ribbon that ended up being used.  I kind of wish I had made the cross white so I told her it could be changed if she wanted.  We drove down to see her and deliver this over the weekend.

We too her to dinner before we went back home.  

Our daughter purchased a 1940's bungalow late last year and it has a cute little covered porch.  There are daffodils and tulips pushing up through the ground from the previous owner.  Life is reemerging.

 I picked up a copper colored over the door wreath holder which blended in with the current door color nicely.   

 Blessings to all of you at this Easter time.

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  1. Hi Liz! Oh, the wreath you made for your daughter is lovely! I love how you incorporated the real reason for Easter in it! You did so good! I would have never thought of wiring down the cross and bunny. It looks so nice on your daughter's door! I know she loves it. Hope all is well with you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. That is a beautiful wreath...and the cutest bunny. I may need to swing by Joanns. sheila

  3. Liz, You did a wonderful job on that wreath...everyone's going to want one, you know. Love the way it looks on the door. You all are a nice looking family. Spring blessings to all of you, xoxo,Susie

  4. Lovely wreath Liz. Love the burlap look with the eggs and flowers.
    The cross is very pretty. I agree, I think if it was painted white, it would stand out more. Her house looks lovely with the customized wreath. Happy spring.

  5. Very nice job. I bought one kind of similar for my front door. Love the bunny.

  6. Oh, that bunny is the sweetest thing. Love your wreath!

  7. I love everything about this lovely Easter wreath, Liz. I love making wreaths as well. You have made a beauty for your daughter. I'm sure she loves it on the door of her new home! ♥

  8. Liz,
    This wreath just turned out so beautiful and I love how you incorporated the cross and the bunny. I just bet your daughter is thrilled and it looks perfect on the door of her darling bungalow.
    Thank you for including my wreath in your post-you are such a good friend.

  9. Love this idea! Yay for your daughter and you! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial on how you made this beautiful wreath - I'm definitely inspired to try one myself. What a cute house your daughter has and the wreath looks fantastic on her door.

  10. The wreath turned out just beautifully!!! I bet she loves it! It looks so good on her door. Your daughter is beautiful and that was a sweet picture of her with your hubby!


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