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January 27, 2016

Purging Through The Winter

Boy I have got a steam roller going through my house!  Well maybe a broom but just the same I'm happy with the things I've been doing.

Last weekend while I watched the tv showing all the stuff going on over on the east coast I decided to go through my napkins.  I sorted them by color and theme.

I got the idea from Pam over at DIY Design Fanatic .  She was organizing her storage in a chest drawer and turned her napkins on their side.  

I knew that's just what I needed to do.  I have mine stored in these plastic tubs (with lids) but they were stacked on top of each other and it was a lot harder to pick out the napkins.  I let go of several of them too since I own way too many of them now!  There are more containers than I've showed.

On Saturday during the storm out east we were granted a gorgeous day here in northern Michigan with blue skies and sun!   It was warmish (above 32) and everybody was out and about enjoying it.  

Seeing our driveway is special to us this time of year!  I cleaned off the hand rails, steps and the side deck which had about 20" of snow and enjoyed the fresh air.  The next day I was stiff but it reminded me what I had done so I was happy with that!

Next I got real serious and went through my extra deco items and made two piles- one to get rid of and one to go back into storage.  I tore apart my hall closet started staging things on the shelves.  A couple of years ago I organized the basement.  We got all new shelving and lots of plastic tubs.  As seen "here".  Only problem was remembering what was there  and I was not happy having to go down to the basement to rummage through it all.  

Now this might not look too impressive but at least my deco stuff is up here and I can get to to easily.  I got rid of at least 50% of what I had so I'm tickled about that.   The shelf with the green baskets is holding cleaning items and vacuum bags, etc.  I need to pull the containers out and thin it down too or at least organize them again.   It's still a work in progress.  We gave this closet a bit of a makeover as seen "here" a couple of years ago.  I changed up what was on the shelves more than once but at this point I'm planning to stick with it this way. 

I have a few more things to sort but essentially I've accomplished what I wanted.  Now I have a bunch of empty containers to take back down to the storage area.  Somehow I have a feeling they'll get filled up again!

So onward purging through the winter I go!


  1. Isn't it a great feeling to get organized? I love to go through "old" accessories and drop off at Goodwill. Have a great day!

  2. I love the organised feeling. I'm always organised but I'm babying other ideas. I store almost everything in that way you put your napkins - even the kids' socks and boxers and tees are organised that way. First they fretted now they enjoy JUST picking the one they want instead of fumbling and messing everything on the search.
    You have so many THINGS Liz. It will suit you and make you feel better if you organize it. It will make you want to go live inside that storage ahahahahah
    Keep going and Enjoy!

  3. You sure do know how to handle being in the house (or not) during a snow storm - something we on the east coast can't seem to manage. It's been hectic here and it seems so lovely and serene where you are! Love all the pics on how you're getting organized. You show great skills in sorting out your wares and putting them all together. Thanks for the ideas - now, I need to get started!

  4. Liz, You have tackled a major job. Kudos to you. I so need to do this thru out this house. When can you come over. ? LOL. Liz, whenever I sweep or shovel snow and my arms are sore...I am thankful that I still have the strength to do some work . Blessings to you, stay warm. xoxo,Susie

  5. I definitely need to purge my accessories. You have done a fabulous job.

  6. Wow, you have been busy. Love the idea of turning the napkins in their side. It makes sense we can see them. I could use some purging too. Somehow, we do seem to fill up those empty bins again.

  7. Hi Liz, Oh I love to be organized and it feels so good to go through everything and get it straight. You have been so busy. I did the same and I know it takes time and effort. But so rewarding in the end. Love your prop closet with decor. Easy to get to when you need a new vignette.
    You did a great job. Love the napkins on their sides. Have fun. xo

  8. Oh, Liz, I hope you can keep them empty. We do accumulate a lot of stuff. Good for you for reorganizing!

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  10. I'm doing the same thing Liz! Although I don't have as many napkins as you do, mine fits in 1 drawer for now, I have been on purging frenzy as we get ready to re-do our Master closet! I'm actually thinking of a swap party! Wouldn't it be fun if we could do a Decor swap party?! You getting rid of some of your stuff as well as me, only problem is, we'll have the same number of stuff we began with! LOL!

  11. I am doing the same thing here for ther month of Jan. I love the idea of putting the napkins on their sides! Mine are in clear shoe boxes but stacked on top of each other so I will change them over to their sides! Thanks!!!!

  12. I need your help! There's not enough storage in my house anymore. We don't have a basement and I don't like to store much in the attic because it gets too hot and that can destroy things. I am running out of room!

  13. Liz, when you finish at your house, please come to my house. It looks like you've done such a great job of "steam rolling" through your house. I wish I could at least borrow some of your energy.

  14. Well, good for you, Liz. I have been working on that slow but sure, too. That is a great idea about storing the napkins sideways like that. I need to get busy in the basement in the next few weeks, too. xo Diana

  15. January is such a great time to nest and go through our collections to sort and purge. Such a great feeling of organizing and moving out what doesn't work for us any more. Love your snow pictures -- we only dream of snow here. I know it's hard work to keep the snow at bay around the house, but it sure looks pretty! All best to you in the new year!
    Joanne @ Sea Glass Cottage

  16. Hi Liz ,, i love your house and your blog ,, you have a new follower


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