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January 12, 2016

Étagère and Sun

We are supposed to be having a big snow storm with high winds and they even closed the schools I guess in anticipation, but it's calm outside and the sun has come out…yay!

Had to take a picture of this shadowing

This is the first time since I got this Etagere to decorate it with everyday items and not something themed for a season.  I started with my little blue and white hen on this display piece.  Very few of my dishes can fit here so I decided to try the clay tray and it fits perfectly.

I did go with mostly blues and chose to mix a couple of different patterns together on the next shelf.  I found the navy blue cream pitcher a couple of months ago and have been waiting to use it.

This shelf I decided to stick to a theme for wine.  I need a nice looking corkscrew for this too.  The marble wine chiller came from the Williams Sonoma outlet down at Birch Run (MI) and the copper wine coaster also from WS.  That wood tray is from Pier 1- a clearance item but possibly still available. Great for a cheese tray which is always so good with wine.

I set a tray on this level and incorporated a dairy theme or so I tried.  I need some eggs for the basket but I didn't want to use my Easter Eggs since they're colored and I'd like a more natural look. I stuffed a couple of faux cabbage pieces in there for now.  There are roosters on the side of the basket but they don't show up well.  Someone needs to highlight them with a little accent paint!

On the bottom I stacked all my round or square tablecloths in the large basket. Behind it is a wicker tray that is standing up against the frame.  It provides a screen for the accent light that shines behind it in the evenings.

I did the same in the other smaller basket that sets on the bottom of the little table next to it.  I did manage to force myself to put a couple of tablecloths in the donation bag.  

So that's how it looks for now!  You know me it probably will change before long :-)

Doesn't look like a big storm does it!  I think the weathermen scared the school into thinking it was going to be far worse than it ended up being.  It's safer though than trying to let school out early and have the buses trying to navigate in bad weather.


  1. Such lovely photos Liz! All such lovely items placed with care...beautiful sunlight photo! Have a lovely, lovely week!

  2. The sun is gorgeous and the shadows are so pretty. Love that pretty snow too, just glad I don't live in it anymore.

  3. Hi Liz, Your photos are incredible. Love the first pic with the sun shining through creating the shadow. Your vignette is gorgeous with the blue and white. Love the basket to hold your towels. The snow is so pretty and looks so cold.

  4. Very nicely decorated! That is a lot of snow for me!

  5. Liz,
    Your etagere looks fabulous for the New Year, dear friend!!!
    Love the blue and white contrast against the copper!!!
    You could send me some SNOW, please!!!

  6. I love your shelf staging. I am loving blue so much right now. I like how you have tucked your linens into a basket. Pull out the long underware...I am about to down here as it has finally turned really cold...with the wind. Like you, the sun is out, but it was grey and snowing this morning. sheila

  7. I always enjoy seeing how you decorate your étagère and this display looks wonderful. I like how you incorporated a theme on some of the shelves. Those faux cabbages are terrific - I have been known to use "real" eggs for photo shoots when need be :) Lucky kids got a snow day for nothing!

  8. Very pretty look! You have some great pieces. I love the photos with the snow. It's so beautiful and fluffy. Glad to see the sun shining.

  9. Your snow pictures are beautiful, we've had cold a bit of snow. I got my snow fix in for the year ready for Spring. LoL with the forecast of frigid temps again for the w/k. You know where I'll be in the kitchen painting. Thanks so much for the visit and your kind comments about the reno. fondly ~ lynne ~

  10. I love your display Liz, you know I'm a sucker for Blue & White, and this one just tugs on my heartstrings! Glad the storm wasn't bad but now you have that gorgeous snow setting outside! No snow yet in our part of the country.


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