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September 18, 2015

Days away from Fall- Gardens still growing like it's Summer!

Hard to believe Fall arrives this coming Wednesday the 23rd!

These impatiens did well in the wagon.  The pink looks so summery.  I'm probably going to transition this into a display with pumpkins soon.  I'll wait for it to cool off a bit more though.  If you buy them too early they'll rot.  They're just starting to appear at our Farmer's Market but they'll be best the first of October.

I planted these hanging baskets on the arbor in June and as you can see the wandering jew plant has really grown a lot.  I posted about this "here".  You can see the comparison of the plants to now in that post.

The country girl in me!

 This Lemon Zest Verbena ia a favorite of mine and it's held up well through the summer.
I liked the contrast of the grasses behind it with their browning tassles.  Definitely an end of summer look.

I decided to try an orange and white mix this year out on the patio.  I like how they grab the eye at a distance and as we reach the end of the summer this color works transitioning into fall.

 I have a garden blog that some of you have come by to visit but in case you didn't know here is the link to "Sit With Me In My Garden"
 I've begun some transition in my home to fall decorating which prompted a visit last weekend to Hobby Lobby.

Shots from the window as we made our way over to Gaylord.  Not too exciting but this is a beautiful view when the fall colors hit.

 It's about 80 miles one way so I don't get there very often.  Probably a good thing for my wallet!

 So I spotted this decorated pumpkin but was shocked at their $99 price tag.  Even with 40% off it's still a $60 item.   I've noticed that Michael's and Hobby Lobby have bumped up their prices over the past few years and don't offer quite the deals that they used to.  
 I know most of us can create this look with our hoard stash of fall goodies so I'm going to give it a try too!
I flipped it around to see both sides.  I don't have a pumpkin quite this large but we'll see what I can do about that!  Of course any color of pumpkin will do.  Wouldn't this be great placed on an urn out on a covered porch.  I don't have a porch but I have an urn!

 A little peak at my fall decorating. I've been itching to own some velvet pumpkins but I always get stopped from buying them when I price them.  I found some in a boxed set at Pier 1 that comes with some raffia and leaves and a couple of gourds. 

More to come!
Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. What a glorious garden you have! So lush and lovely.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. Beautiful garden and flowers, Liz!...Christine

  3. Liz I absolutely LOVE your garden area with the fountain....so pretty!! Love the way the wagon looks filled with flowers too! The temps have been unusually warm for this time of year!

  4. Liz,
    Gorgeous "end~of~Summer" gardens, dear friend!!!
    The orange and white combination is stunning!!!
    I've already purchased two "real" pumpkins. . . if I wait, they're all gone!!!
    I'm keeping them in a cool space and lots of "air" to breathe!!!
    I agree, those prices are a bit much!!!
    I'm sure you will design and create your own Pumpkin Masterpiece!!!
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!!
    P.S. Our Hobby Lobby just opened today. . .driving time. . .5 minutes!!! HELP!!! (wink!)

  5. Hi Liz, your garden is still giving such a great show. Love how the wagon filled out with the impatiens.
    That drive to Gaylord is beautiful. I remember the beautiful fall showing when the trees turn colors. The pumpkin creation is gorgeous but the pricetag not so much. I have noticed the increase in prices at HL too. I saw a very large pumpkin at Michael's for 69 dollars and it had nothing on it, just a plain orange pumpkin. My Hobby Lobby is only 5 minutes away from me taking the back road. I have to use great restraint!! Have a great weekend. cm

  6. Such a pretty garden in the Fall. The flowers are a gorgeous display of colors. Beautiful scenery on your drive. I never tire of looking at landscapes while we take a drive. I am sure you will have great fun with the pumpkin. The stores have marked up their prices. Even 40% off is still pricey. Have fun!

  7. After reading your post, I immediately rushed over and pulled out my bird cage cloche to copy yours. Watch for an inspiration link in a future post!

  8. Liz,
    Oh you live in one of the prettiest parts of the country and those gardens of yours!!
    You have the best green thumb and abundant, glorious colors! In fact I am pinning the wagon filled with my very favorite Summer bloom the impatiens.

  9. Oh, your flowers are gorgeous! And I have to agree on the pumpkin! I noticed that huge price on some of the beautiful things as you walk in the doe...even with the discount...could truly be made at home for far less....lol

  10. My friend you have a gorgeous garden, to spend hours in it with such lovely blooms and beautifully displayed too. The lady of the best 'Green Thumb!' I will visit your garden blog, I'm sure it's worth the visit for sure.
    Enjoy the garden to the last warm day.

  11. Your garden is such a treat to 'visit' Liz! I can't wait to see the pumpkins on the wagon, and I agree about the pricing at Michael's and HL :-( Yes, I know we can DIY a <$60 version of this one for sure! Can't wait to see more, I have yet to start my Fall/halloween decorating!


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