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September 2, 2015

Disarray and Organizaing

I'm in a state of disarray 
I tore the living room apart so the carpet could be cleaned. 
Everything from the living room landed on the dining table.  
While the carpet was drying I decided to tackle cleaning the china cabinet.
I cleaned every inch of it.  I edited a few things out and for now I'm happy with it again.  I've been putting this off for too long.
I placed some of my stemware in these containers I bought at BB&B.  It was too busy on the inside for me so I had to remove things like this.
 I turned the lights on so the crystal would show up better.

I added the dishes and rearranged a few pieces.  
The gold leaf pieces are from our daughter.  She also went to venice and brought these Murano pieces back for me.  

 I've shown my lambs before at Easter but they stay in here year round.

I've had the dishes for a while but put them away at the holidays and never brought them back.  They're reproductions by Spode.

The Murano red decanter set came from Venice in the late 70's when my parents went there.  I asked Mom for it when I got my first china cabinet and she let me have it.  It's funny I have all this bar ware and champagne flutes but truthfully it rarely gets used.  I do like pretty glass and crystal so I guess that's why I collected it.

Our son and his wife are coming home for a little vacation with us.  I've got to get all this cleaned up and done before Saturday!  Well at least I've gotten one thing done!
Just call me Donna Reed!! 
I always thought she was the perfect mom!

 Well I better get back at it!


  1. Happy September, Liz....I was forced to clean out my china cabinet when I moved, and it looks very lovely at the moment.

  2. Liz, you've got a magical looking going in your china cabinet! I love it!
    Donna Reed, love it!

  3. Liz,
    You have such a gorgeous collection of china and collectibles, I love them all. You are brave to tackle such a big project-I will be thinking of you. Although, do you remember that our Mother's did a Fall and Spring house cleaning-you are Donna Reed!

  4. Liz,
    Your china cabinet looks like a museum piece, lovely display of everything.
    I am dusting things off today so I know what you mean. too much work.
    Have a nice visit with the family.
    Linda C in Seattle

  5. I loved that show and you did a beautiful job Donna!!!! LOL Hi Liz, your hutch is gorgeous and I love the new look with your redware and the crystal. Just stunning. Your little lambs are darling and such a great accent.
    Have a nice evening. cm

  6. Liz,
    The interior of your China Cabinet is exquisite, dear friend!!!
    I love how the crystal plays of the light with illumination!!!
    The sheep are charming!!! I'd keep them nearby all year, too!!!
    As I placed the autumnal decor inside my Entertainment Center this week,
    my Sewing Machine Cabinet top looked much like your Dining Room table!!!
    EnJOY your company!!!

  7. I have been nosy Nellie and going through your blog. I love your vignettes! Where the heck have I been that I haven't seen your vignettes?! I have to admit even with all your beautiful decorating, the silhouette of that rooster in your kitchen window just made my stomach tighten because I could 'feel' the chilliness outside your kitchen. Can't wait for Fall! Thanks Liz for the inspiration!

  8. Love your china cabinet display. It looks really good. I love the light on and how it bounces through and off the crystal. Cheers!!!


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