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September 24, 2015

Blue Skies and Buffalo

Who would expect that little old Traverse City, Michigan would have buffalo!
 Behind our home is a large stretch of land which includes a local greenhouse that supplies a lot of the garden centers in the spring and some buffalo!  They get moved to different areas to graze and this time they were close to the road.

The big one staring at me in the first picture decided to stand up and do his duty...I guess that's what he thought of me!!  LOL

This calf was nursing on mom.  I didn't want to disturb them much so this is all I got with my zoom.
One fall morning in 1989 I was opening the shades and to my surprise a few buffalo were in my front yard grazing!  They had broken out and decided my yard was a good spot.  We called the farmer and he and a couple of others rode over on horses and got them back to where they belonged.  Too bad I didn't have the thought to take pictures back then.

 The land they graze on has a pretty nice view.
These fences are not beauties but do the job of keeping these guys in check.
They have busted out a few times and been found wandering the highway.  Let's just say it makes the news!

That long strip of blue on the horizon is the West arm of Grand Traverse Bay.  It's a good distance away but still visible.  We have a local grocery store called Oleson's that has been selling buffalo meat for years.  They say it's lower in cholesterol too.  Seems to taste pretty much the same as beef cattle (although I'm sure there are those who would argue about that!).

A maple tree turning color already at a neighbor's home.  
The season of color will soon begin!
Sorry about the low quality pictures, I need to carry my camera more often.  These cell phones do come in handy though!

Just for fun (since Tex featured her frog last week) I'm adding a picture of this tree frog who thought this was a good spot to hang out at our garage.  His color was adapting to look like the paint. 

I'm joining
The Run A Round Ranch Report


  1. Wonderful views of the farm land and the buffalo. I like the cute froggie too. Have a happy day!

  2. Oh Buffalo in Michigan I would never have thought. I would imagine they are very hard on the fence. B

  3. these are definitely scenes i wouldn't expect from michigan! wonderful photos!

  4. Beautiful takes and explanations. Thanks for sharing. Have yourself a great day.

  5. They look quite at home in Michigan and thriving too on all that green pasture land though I'd prefer sturdier fences if I lived nearby!
    Great post!

  6. Seems buffalo do not mind where they roam.

  7. big smile at the end from me on the little tree frog!! :D
    love the area around you and great views!! bison in the yard would be a bit intimidating, though. i hate it when the neighbors cattle or the other neighbors mules and horses get out onto our place. i can't imagine facing down bison!

  8. How cool to have Buffalo around to see like that. - Good thing they don't bust out to often. I agree they have a great view from their fences. - Pretty fall tree and the tree frog is so cute. Do you think it knows your security code?

  9. Hi Liz, what a great fence post. Love seeing the buffalo. You'd think it was here in Texas as we have many all around us too. I imagine it was a little intimating to have buffalo in your front yard. Glad that doesn't happen often. Love the little tree frog on your garage and trying to camouflage himself.
    Have a great weekend and Happy Fall. cm

  10. I love Buffalos, Liz. Can you see them from the greenhouse?
    I never have seen a frog like the tree frog-amazing.

  11. Beautiful views. Love seeing the Buffalos and the frog.

  12. That land is beautiful!! How nice to see the buffalo roam, that wonderful fence, that cute frog, that wonderful tree changing colors, I could go on and on! Great post!

  13. I imagine those buffalo could walk right through that fence if they wanted to... I know our larger bulls here can. How cool to get to see them like that....wow!

  14. I would love to see and go to a Buffalo ranch or farm! Have you tried their meat? I have, it's ok, but I love good ol' beef better. I don't like frogs, so that picture creeped me out! LOL!


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