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September 25, 2015

Homemade Apple Pie

It's definitely apple season around here!  When we went to the Farmer's Market last week nearly everyone was walking out with apples.

Some years ago I ordered these Martha Stewart pie tins when she used to have her on-line store.  

(I used my cell phone as I went along so they're not the best quality)
My kitchen is cramped so I work in small areas.  I hand cut all the apples- my favorite is the Granny Smith apples for a pie ( I used the whole bag because these were organic and a bit small.  They don't seem to grow Granny Smith's in our area so I buy them at the grocery store.  I have used Honey Crisp apples from the Farmer's Market and the taste was good but they got a little too soft too quickly. 

Even though I buy the pre-maid Pillsbury pie crusts (dough in the cooler)  I sprinkle flour on the counter (which I always clean well before doing this) and make sure the pie dough has a dusting on it before I put it in the pie dish.

First I mix the flour, sugar and spice in a bowl so it's evenly mixed and sprinkle over the top of the apples as I start piling them into the pie shell.  I cut tabs of butter and put five pieces on top.  My mom taught me these steps and I stick with them.

I fold the top layer in half and make cuts into it for venting then set it on top so I can crimp the edges.

I fold the crust under to catch the bottom layer and then I crimp the edge using my fingers.

I haven't mastered it to where it looks perfect after baking but it sure is good!

I used a small cookie cutter to make pine tree cutouts to vent the pie with this one.  It got a little over browned but it was still good!

I bake mine for 15 minutes at 450 to set the pie crust, then reduce to 350 for approx. 45 minutes.  When it's bubbling out of the crust you know it's ready!

Sooo good!  

My basic apple pie recipe is:
3/4 C Sugar
1/3 Cup Flour
1 1/2 t apple pie spice
Tabs of butter

Load the pie with lots of apples.  Combine together sugar, flour and spice so it's evenly mixed.
Sprinkle the mix over the apples as you fill it (I usually do a layer, sprinkle and then a top layer and sprinkle again- and I use all of the mix).  Dot the top with 5 tabs of butter (not margarine).
For the Pie Crust I use Pillsbury's Pie Crust (dough from the cooler at the grocery store)
Cover with top layer of pie (which you've cut vents into)
Fold and crimp the edges
Bake at 450 (F) for 15 minutes, reduce temp to 350 (F) and bake
for approximately 45 minutes.  When you see bubbling coming out of the crust it's done!

Allow to cool for a couple of hours or more before eating!

This is a link to a printable copy "here"

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I've been dreaming of apple pie... but Autumn resists... I believe this weekend - weather encouraging or not ;) - I'm baking one.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend,

  2. Hi Liz! Oh, it looks perfect and so yummy. Nothing like a homemade apple pie! Apples are really the thing up here, aren't they? :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Liz,
    I am not a pie baker but yours sure does look good!! We used to have an apple tree in the back yard when I was growing up and both my Mom and my Dad were excellent bakers!!
    I just may have to get a pie at Sam's club who do make really good pies.....
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments!!


  4. Liz,
    I really enjoy an apple pie too-and you can't go wrong when you top it with ice cream!
    You know you did a fantastic job with the cutouts on the top of the pie crust-that is what I want to try and perfect for the Holidays-just love the way they look.
    Thanks for sharing your apple recipe too-I like it as it is not too complicated-some of the recipes that are floating around have too much going on with them.
    Cute pie tins too!
    Have a super weekend,

  5. Hi Liz, WOW your pie looks so delicious and with ice cream too!!! Love it and your steps are like my mother used to do and I have followed this way too with the tabs of butter. Love the sweet cutouts on the top.
    You've inspired me to do some baking. LOL

    In answer to one of your comments. You mentioned a cousin moved to Bartonville, Texas. That happens to be about 30 minutes or so from me depending where they are located. Small world!!
    Have a nice weekend. cm

  6. So yummy Liz! I think it looks delicious. I make pies, but haven't made an apple pie in years. Pinning and going to give it a try. We have an apple stand right down the road from us.

  7. Your pie looks delicious Liz! I have bag of apples I just picked up that my hubby hopes is going to magically turn into a pie :)

  8. Looks wonderful. I have the apples, and plan to make one this week to take to an event.

  9. Lovelyn apple pie. There is something so yummy with apple pie baking. The aromas filling the house is wonderful and perferct for a fall day. I have the pads of butter too. Cute cut-outs always make a pie pretty.
    I am sure Dan is loving this treat~

  10. Liz,
    My MoMa was the 'short order' cook in the 1040's ~1950's Family owned Diner
    and also, 'The Pie Maker"!!! She made her pies just like your Mother. . .with the pats of butter on the top!!!
    One thing, I add is a sprinkling of sugar right from the canister as I take the pie out of the oven!!!
    In our area, I've found I adore Gala Apples for eating, baking and frying!!!
    "Mr. Ed" and I l o v e fried apples with our meals!!!
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!!

  11. Mmmmm, I could smell it thru the screen!!! Wish I could have a slice!

  12. Looks soo good! And then with the ice cream! Yummy!

  13. Hi Liz,

    Oh, your apple pie looks absolutely scrumptious!! I think your pics are perfect, after all, they are of pie!

    Thanks for your delicious recipe; I am definitely going to give this one a go!

    Happy Wednesday!



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