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September 3, 2015

Another Visit to the Farm

We had a quick weekend visit to see the family over this past weekend.
 While at the farm I snapped a few shots with my cell phone.
This split rail fence sets next to a little area that people frequently park when visiting.
My mother in-law just turned 90 this week and can't do the garden work she used to so things aren't kept up too well but you can use your imagination as to what it could look like.  The big wooden planter was created last year to put things up higher so she could reach them. 

 Zooming in to the middle of the fence you'll notice a metal accent pieces is mounted there.  

The red shed has it's own share of flowers and garden art. 

Dan's sister Clara creates little art pieces for their mom.  


Obedience Plant

One of the three cats that were running around decided to take a nap on this little bench.

She got nervous when I came near to take a picture but then decided to follow me when I moved towards the fence and gate area.  I showed this gate at the last Good Fences party as seen "here"

Old and new...the barn is old the (red) self loading hay basket is new.  Dan's brother Stan put up several hundred bails of hay in the barn and sells them off to locals little by little for horses and other smaller farm animals.  While we were there a couple arrived and bought about 60 bails.
 These old Hollyhocks keep coming back each year.  

The unused fields are taken over with goldenrod quickly.
Do you know that most people think the Goldenrod causes the late summer allergies but it's actually Ragweed that does it.  Did you know that Goldenrod has been used to make synthetic rubber for tires too?  Just for the heck of it here is a "link" about goldenrod.  

Back on the deck Buster has his own fences.  They keep him gated in because he thinks he's some big tough guy and will go out in the field and challenge raccoons and just about anything else that's out there.  Raccoons are cute but they can be vicious.  He thinks he's a herding dog too and playfully chases the cats.  After they cluster together in the weeds he skips off and goes on his merry way.  Fun and games.
The house is tired and needs a desperate makeover.

The Coneflowers (Echinachea) and Phlox were  buzzing with bees although I couldn't capture any quick enough with my cell phone.  

I'm joining 
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  1. Hello, wonderful images from the farm. I love the cute Buster and the gate with the wheels. The flowers are lovely. Great post, enjoy your day!

  2. Gorgeous farm images and I love alll the little touchs in the garden which makes it very pretty and interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love that gorgeous gate. It was a lot of hard work to put that together. Love the angels among the pretty lavender blooms too! (should I end all of my comments with hee haw today? lol) Hugs! Diane

  4. Such a lovely place for a visit, and a fabulous fence!

  5. Oh gosh how I wish my daughter would make interesting garden pieces for me...maybe I should start hinting. :) My two garden areas are dull and empty right now. The gnomes, which I love, all need paint touchups, and there is no sense in even trying flowers with all the heat.
    Buster sounds like he is quite mischievous!

  6. such a beautiful garden! yay for her continuing to work with her flowers! truly lovely place.

  7. Beautiful garden, great fencing, cute critters.

  8. Lovely post. It's like stepping into a totally different world for me since I live in the city. - Such pretty flowers and gardens. I can understand about the weeding as I'm having a hard time with it at my age much less at 90 (if I make it that long). Lots of sweet little touches in the garden. I really enjoyed seeing the kitty by the gate & Buster too. It's good he's protected from the raccoons because they can be quite mean. I had one charge me once as she was protecting her babies which were up in a neighbors tree house. We occasionally get raccoons even in town.

  9. Hi Liz, so great to see you here and what a wonderful post. Love the fences and gates here. The farm is beautiful and so charming. Great garden art pieces too. Buster is a cutie and has guts to challenge raccoons for sure. We had one attack our goose when we lived in the country in Indiana. She won amazingly, but was scratched pretty bad. The kitty is pretty resting on the bench.
    Looks like you enjoyed a nice visit to the farm.
    Have a nice Labor Day weekend.

  10. Very pretty Liz. Love seeing the farm pics and the garden is lovely. Garden art is wonderful. Great fences too, along with the kitties.

  11. I love the shots with cat in them...love that obedience plant, and just really enjoyed my visit.

  12. I love every bit of this, Liz. I've tried growing hollyhocks with no luck. Granny had them by the back porch. I remember making ballerinas with the blossoms.:-) I came over to see if you had a picture of your table on the diagonal. Ours is too long for the space, with the wine cabinet at the end of it. I was relieved when it fit on the diagonal. Plus, I like the look.

  13. What a beautiful place to be... the history that runs up and down the fence is incredible. Buster is just too cute for words. I can see myself enjoying a day there with you. Thanks so much for the visit and kind words, they mean the world. fondly ~lynne~

  14. Liz,
    Your photos remind me of "say, it's good to be back home, again".
    I can imagine how those Gardens looked when your Mother~in~law attended them daily.
    They are still quite beautiful!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!
    Loved seeing the cat and the dog!!!

  15. Oh Liz,
    There is just nothing quite as satisfying as country gardens and gentle living. It was so good for my heart to see all of this! Perfect timing for me to visit you this Sunday!

  16. Beautiful photos, Liz, of your visit to the farm, filled with such stunning splendour! The flowers, the furry friends, the idyllic fields, all very dreamy and delightful! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

    Have a lovely week!



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