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April 28, 2014

It's that time of year again!

Well- here we are one more winter has gone by and we're back outside working on our yard.
I raked and raked to get the old grasses and oak leaves out of the bed.  I was so mad to see how the oak leaves managed to cover my entire garden bed.  I'm sure they provided some insulation so perhaps that's a positive way to look at it.

 My Queen Elizabeth Rose looks terrible.  I think those deep freeze temps we had this winter took it's toll.

I cut it down real short in hopes that something will come alive.  This is why I don't invest much in roses.  I may be premature- I guess I'll know in the next two weeks.  There is some white stuff on it too that looks like mildew- probably not good either?

  As evening was setting I noticed a turkey fly up into the tree.  They sleep up there which I find interesting.  Sorry about the poor quality picture.
She's settled down on the branch for the night.

I took this on the 22nd.  We had a snowfall during the night.  It was the last laugh from nature I guess.
Thankfully it warmed up and we had some nice rains that got rid of all of this!

I took this on the 27th!  So thankful for the rapid change!
We brought out the lawn furniture from the storage shed and I put out some pottery pieces to stare at and and dream about what I'll be planting.  


  1. Your yard so looks like mine. I do have my Crabapple finally in bloom but pretty much everything is still bare. I am giving everything that looks dead a few more weeks also to see if any growth is going to start. Trimmed down my whole Heather Hill so we'll see if most ends up being dead or not.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. You have all had it really bad there this winter, I'm glad to see things are moving along in the right direction. I do hope your
    roses come through. I hope you get some green sooner rather than later.
    Great job clearing up all those leaves - do you make leaf mould?

  3. Well, cleaned up completely or not, your back area is just gorgeous, Liz. I love that is seems so expansive and open and yet has a "cozy" feel to it, too, with the deck and paths. You are right- your rose bush looks like it has seen better days. Good luck. Raining here all week long. xo Diana

  4. Hi Liz, My roses aren't looking good either but I'm giving them time to see if they are dead or just slow emerging from their winter naps. Your yard is beautiful and I can't wait to see it full of color!

  5. Wow, I'm so glad I'm past the clean up stage! It's so crazy to see snow this time of year. Looking forward to your yard coming alive.

  6. You have such a great looking yard no matter what time of year!!
    Mine is still a mess..... We have the front done but not the back.... Too cold yet to plant flowers though...Maybe right before Memorial Day.

    Thanks for visiting!!


  7. We are also having the same crazy, cold and wet weather here in NY. Now for some warm air to coax the plants to grow.

  8. That's the way our snow is usually Liz, except ours usually melts by the end of the day! This year is hung around for several and closed the whole area down for more than a day. For some reason, I didn't think you were doing your garden blog anymore, so I have a few to catch up on! So glad you are because I love your garden!


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