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April 7, 2014

A Little Easter Decorating

I've been doing a little bit of Easter decorating
 Last year my sister made an egg for each of me and my sisters.  I believe she used a decorative tissue paper sheet on mine- and mod podge.  I was looking at it and figured it would look good out on the mantel and then I decided to bring my lamb figurines from the china cabinet out too.

I think they have sweet faces.

I staged it on a little faux nest but needed help keeping it upright so I used some excelsior to help it.  

This extra large paper egg is just like the one I've had since I was a child.  They are made in Germany.  (Notice the photo bomber- my cat Riley)

They come apart in two pieces so you can fill them with some goodies like candy and or a stuffed bunny etc.  It would take the place of an Easter basket.  I used the metal bowl that sits on the coffee table all the time, filled it with the Easter grass, tossed a few eggs around-  simple but enough!

This little paper egg is the one from my childhood.  It was filled with jelly beans and I still remember being so excited about it! 

I put together this little vignette on the corner table by the door.  I set the garden cart on two of those faux grass mats- actually this one is boxwood. Notice the silly chick with rabbit ears (Pier 1) I do go for the traditional Easter colors- I love it especially at this time of year.  After a long winter I'm ready for happy colors!

 I added some mini daffodils to it so it would look like a field with flowers popping out.  The garden cart was from Cracker Barrel last year. I added some shredded green paper along the edges of the mat so it would conceal the framework of the mats.

 The bunnies were from last year (T.J. Maxx).  I stuffed some little violas in the basket that already had some carrots.

In the corner by the kitchen table I stuffed a bunch of  flowers in this metal container and I set a basket of eggs in the salt glazed bowl down below. I didn't make much effort on the bottom.

This chubby bunny sits on top of the flowers with her own stock of carrots to keep her happy.  She's really been enjoying herself!  


  1. Love your Easter décor, Liz! They are all absolutely beautiful! You really go all out! I especially love the pink and lavender bunnies . . . .so ultra cute! You have wonderful childhood memories and mementos of Easter, thanks so much for sharing.

  2. So much fun and beauty.
    Love all details! I'm partial to the Lambs - I wish I could find one or two for my Easter Vignette (I've looked and not even in plastic) - and the Large paper Egg. They're beautiful.
    Your post made me remember something my Priest uses to say "Easter is a second Christmas!" you made me feel that way with yoru creating.
    Absolutely Lovely! Your cat must be wondering if there are any goodies inside the egg... if not if he could just playing with it suited him just fine, I guess ahahahah
    Enjoy Easter, Liz!

  3. Lovely, springy Easter decorating! And of course I love the lambs. They do actually have a permanent smile on their faces. One of these days soon I'll post sheep photos from England. They SMILE. Love sheep. And your little ceramic lambs are so sweet.

  4. Gorgeous Liz. Your bunnies and special eggs look awesome. Love the lambs on the mantel. Your cat just wanted to be included. It's great to include childhood memories...so very special.

  5. Liz, Your Easter lambs are gorgeous....love, love their sweet little faces. Cute bunnies, too. I'm still working on decorations for the grands. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  6. Very pretty and cheerful for spring - we do need the happy colors after all our snow :-)

  7. Your Easter decor looks lovely! Those lambs are beautiful!
    I need to get more of mine out! It has been so cold I havent felt very Springy!

  8. Everything is stunning. I love it all, but the lambs and that gorgeous bowed egg are stunning. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party this afternoon at 3:00 PM. http://www.astrollthrulife.net. Hope to see you there.

  9. You always come up with some of the greatest stuff, Liz. Seriously...you just have "the eye" for creating neat vignettes!

    I am impressed that you still have that egg from your childhood. It must really have some very happy memories attached to it for you to have kept it so nice for so long. Uh...not saying you're old or anything! :-) I have a few things from my childhood, some that are still in good shape and others that have suffered horribly thanks to me moving around a lot when I was younger.

    Your sister did a phenomenal job on that egg! She could sell those!

    I love that huge egg. Fill mine with vodka, please! :-)

  10. I love that little wheel barrel, you have filled it perfectly! All your bunnies look like they enjoying themselves and happy to spread some Spring loveliness around! Your lambs go perfectly with the gorgeous egg your sister made!

  11. WOW! Your home is so beautifully decorated for Spring. The porcelain lambs are so perfect on your mantel and to showcase you pretty special egg. My favorite are the pastel bunnies in the entry. All the lovely vignettes create a beautiful home!


  12. Liz- Easter is looking very beautiful at your home. I really love all your special things. That egg your sister made is incredible and I love the lambs-they are beautiful pieces and look old-perfect! And I LOVE that basket of Easter bunny tulips! xo Diana

  13. Love all your Easter decorating. The egg your sister made is gorgeous. Love it on the mantle with those sweet lambs.

  14. Liz, looks like you're ready for Easter. Lovely ideas.

  15. You've got some really cute decorations, Liz! I love all your bunnies! The lambs look so sweet on your mantel.

  16. You have a lot of really cute bunny wabbit stuff! The lambs are beautiful.

  17. Love all of your creative Easter touches...yes, Cracker Barrel certainly does have cute things!...love the lambs on the mantel!

  18. You have lovely Easter Decorations! What a wonderful collection of eggs - each one more special than the next. I especially like your lambs; I am very partial to lambs. Your house looks beautiful and just like Spring!

  19. Your lambs are beautiful, Liz. I love how you decorated your mantel and your egg your sister made is so special. All your Easter vignettes are darling.

    Cracker Barrel has the cutest things. Cute cart for your bunnies. I don't get there much but did this week and I should go more often. This is off the subject but they have cute clothes too.

  20. Liz,
    I adore all your sweet Easter decorations!! The lambs are so sweet. I have to look for some on Clearance after Easter this year.... I did not decorate hardly at all for Easter this year because there was too much going on.
    Your Bunnies are so cute!! maybe i will dig out a Bunny or two now after seeing yours...


  21. All of your vignettes are wonderful....love all the rabbits!

  22. Hi Liz - Your eggs and Easter displays are absolutely stunning! Hugs, Holly

  23. Oh Liz, I adore those beautiful lamb figures. All of your Easter décor is beautiful, and the little cart with eggs is so sweet. Lovely vignetting. laurie

  24. You just blown my heart away, my dear sweet Liz...

    I agree with all the ladies comments. Adore, beautiful, wonderful, lovely and many more.

    TY too for the never ending inspirations and I am so happy that you found a simple inspiration at D´Box.

    Happy Easter.

    Much hugs,
    /CC girl


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