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April 23, 2014

I Went To A Garden Party

Okay maybe I really didn't go to a garden party but I did go to the garden center I wanted to get to when I went down to see the family for Easter and we did have a party!

My Mom (age 91) She enjoyed the tour

A bounty of color!

Orchids are amazing

The pool where the mermaids were in my last post.  A company that puts in yardscapes must be paying to have this display at the garden center.  I saw some signage with their name.
We both liked this metal gazebo and I wanted that fairy but it was slightly out of my budget!

My big purchase-  4 succulents.  I have two at home 
that I plan to pot up with these.

Mom decided cut tulips were plenty so I got her a bouquet of these
fancy tulips.  I used one of her decorative pitchers which just happened
to be covered in it's own floral bouquet!


Easter party.  There were more people but this was the only shot with people at the table.  I blurred it out to protect the innocent!  LOL  I'm the 2nd one on the right in the floral shirt (go figure!)

On Monday we went home and stopped in Frankenmuth, Michigan 
a Bavarian themed town.

We ate at Zehnders Restaurant
It was 70 degrees- amazing!

The magnolias were starting to bloom.  The air was just right
and we could smell them- it was such a treat!

So that was my Easter weekend- turned out great! 
Thankful to see family and enjoy great weather!



  1. Liz I would have come home with a truck load of stuff ...LOL! What a gorgeous garden center and those orchids are amazing. I'm so glad you had a joyous Easter.

  2. That certainly looks like a wonderful Easter party with loved ones and the garden centre is so colourful. Orchids are amazing flowers and I have them dotted around my house. Your Mum's tulips look gorgeous. Have a wonderful week x

  3. That was definitely a lovely Easter weekend! The garden centre looks so big and colourful, difficult not to buy too many plants.

  4. Liz- What a nice Easter weekend you had. How wonderful that your Mom is able to get out and enjoy those things with you. Those tulips you gave her are beautiful. I love those garden places and ALWAYS spend more than I planned to spend. lol Have a great rest of the week- xo Diana

  5. I went to the garden centre at Easter too, my daughter has just moved into a new home and she is putting in a new garden, of course I got a few things for my garden too.
    I liked the fairy too.

  6. All I can hope for out of this life is to be at the garden center at the age of 91. Seriously. That's awesome. I'm a wee bit jealous of your succulent find. Those are great ones!

  7. By the way, how's your son doing? Did he make it home for Easter?

  8. O already wrote this today but I do hate (I do NOT!) this time of the year. A visit to the garden center in enough for me to realise I should have a bigger garden. And a Liz to help me sort out what I should put and where.
    Oh, but it isn't fabulous to dream you could have all this in your own garden and no plague would attack and enjoy it?
    I love Spring and this year I learned I love a late Spring even more ahahahah
    Thank you for sharing your Party ;)

  9. Very modest purchasing. Well done for being so restrained.

  10. I've finally been out also looking at what the garden centers have out so far. Not as much as they normally do this time of year. Still sitting here to see if some things are alive or not before tossing things.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  11. What a beautiful garden center. I don't think I'd have a problem finding something to bring home. It looks like you had a wonderful Easter weekend! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful photos. You're mom looks fantastic!!

  12. Such fun visiting garden centres ... lots of ideas, lots of plants to tempt us, a great way to identify plants and see what might work in your own garden.


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