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April 28, 2014

The Great Flood

Boy what a difference a day makes, or a week! 

Just last weekend I was at my Mother's for Easter and Friday night one of my sister's gets a panic call that there is standing water in the kitchen and it's moved into the living room!  
That's saturated carpet you're looking at and as it turns out the little bathroom off of the utility room sprung a leak at the toilet.  The house is built on a slab so there isn't anywhere for the water to go.  There is a drain in the floor in the utility room but it couldn't keep up.

So the next day one of those companies that handles flood recovery came to the house to start sucking out the water and trying to dry everything.  They pulled the moldings off too create separation from the drywall.
Sister Sherry has taken Mom to her home to stay through all of this.  They had to turn the water off to the house and obviously she can't walk around there very easily at this point.  Time to contact a plumber and fix the problem that started all this!  Hard to believe that in just a few days how things changed!

The furniture was hurriedly moved away from the soak zone to keep it from sitting in water- mind you this started around 9 pm Friday night. 
 So thankful my sister and her husband were able to help her out,
They spray some material on to inhibit the growth of fungus/mold.  They've got demhumidifiers and dryers running, but I hope the insurance company will replace the carpet because somehow it seems to me that the carpet will never be the same after this. 

My sister Jen has been updating me with pictures and information.  Isn't it wonderful how these smart phones can keep us connected in an instant!

I'm so grateful my sister's are there to help Mom out like this.  I always feel so guilty being so far away.  

Feeling Nostalgic
 This pictures was taken of 3 of us in 1958 across the street from the house.  Sherry is holding me, and Jen is smelling a flower from the apple trees.
I wish it was still like that across the street, but now it's all houses.

Other than that I got outside, and did some spring clean-up over the weekend and brought out some pottery so I can dream about what I'm going to plant in them.
  I guess I'm going with white pottery on the deck this year!

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  1. Oh my! What a mess! I love your white pottery and cannot wait to see what you plant in each. xo

  2. Oh my. I saw the thumb and thought "what could've happened?"... for moments I feared it was in your home (and while you were away) :( not that it's much better that happened on Mother's but at least they were around so it got detected on time. I'm glad she has support to go through this - and don't feel guilty, that's what family do: some put the dishes on the table, others help clean up...
    Hoping Mother will be able to have her home in the rights soon.
    Take Care,

  3. So glad the flood was contained before it got really bad and destroyed more than that. Your "sisters picture" is so precious especially this time of year when Mother's Day is only a few days away. So wonderful and nostalgic!

  4. Water coming into the house is just a nightmare! It can so quickly ruin everything. So glad someone could help, but don't feel guilty. BTW, I love the idea of white on the deck and also I'm a huge fan of little white lights here and there around the yard. SO lovely and inviting!

  5. Oh my, that is terrible...thank goodness for your sisters! Pray things get back to normal for u'r mom!


  6. How awful to have to endure that. I hope your sister's belongings are good. I do know you miss your family and it is difficult when they are hours away. I feel that with my children. I don't see that as often as I want. Technology makes this all possible as you said. Great pictures of all of you together. Memories are awesome.

  7. Just last week I was complaining about a recipe that did not turn out well. I guess your post put it all in perspective. Saying a prayer for your family.


  8. Hi Liz, what a nightmare to go through. Thank goodness for the help to get it fixed quickly. I hope all your sisters treasures are safe. Love the sweet pics of you and your sisters. What a treasure to have from a simpler time. I know how hard it is to be far away from family as we are in Texas and the family in Michigan.
    Love your white pottery you are going to fill with blooms. Have fun!!

  9. Plumbing problems are the worst! Your poor mama, glad she is staying elsewhere while it is being fixed. xo

  10. So sorry to hear about your mom's home...flooding is the worst!! Love the white pottery your going to use on your deck.

  11. Oh I hope they are able to salvage everything and hope the insurance covers it all too.

  12. Liz,
    I'm with you, dear friend, and hoping that the insurance company will replace the carpet
    and pay for the plumbing costs.
    Too, too many times we have had a leak in the basement here On Crooked Creektt.
    While "Mr. Ed" is still able to do all of our repairs, they are a pain to deal with!
    On a lighter note. . .I am quite smitten with your white pottery on the deck!!!
    "Mr. Ed" is planning to restain the deck this Spring.
    Wonder if there's funds in the budget for new porch pots???
    P.S, Love the photo of the three of you in the Apple Orchard!!!


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