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April 2, 2014

Sunday Breakfast and Dinner!

I used my recent floral arrangement to be a sort of backdrop to my 
Sunday Breakfast Table

 A little Hen (Hobby Lobby) sits perched
on a square granite trivet.

A serving platter with the all the breakfast food items will be served up and take the place of the rooster. 
Some good old basics here, coffee cups, juice glasses, the everyday dishes and flatware, Pier 1 Chargers and cloth napkins. 

Breakfast for the two of us-
Simple, easy and casual!

For dinner we also enjoyed a roast beef dinner I made that day
I took an impromptu snap of my plate with my iPhone.  Forgot to 
pour some gravy on it before I took the picture which always makes it
 look more yummy!
I also made a homemade cake that I got the recipe from "At Home With Jemma" you can click here for it. 
 It is a recipe from her Grandmother called Vanilla Cake with Cocoa Frosting and I have to tell you it is delicious!  I don't make many from scratch recipes but this was easy and delicious and I will be making it again!
I use a extra deep 9" pan and make the whole cake at once.  I have to extend the baking time to do it. I lightly cover it with foil once it shows sign of light browning and bake it for about 20 more minutes than normal.
It has a springy texture yet it had weight to it and a delightful flavor! 

I'm joining

Between Naps On The Porch for Tablescape Thursday


  1. Liz, your table is pretty! The checked table cloth is fun and springy...makes me think of a picnic a little. Roast is pretty much my favorite dinner of all time. We have one in the freezer right now - maybe I need to cook it today. :)

  2. I would love to sit down and have a piece of cake with my coffee. xo

  3. Your little hen is very cute and perfect with the checked tablecloth. And never apologize for photos from your iPhone. The camera in there is a mighty little engine. :)

  4. Very cute tablescape and your dinner looks wonderful, with or without gravy. I will check out the cake recipe, it looks pretty inviting.

  5. The blue and white look so cheerful with the beautiful flowers! It certainly would be a delight on dreary day but it looks like you have some wonderful sunshine! Hope you enjoy your day!!!

  6. Not only do you set a pretty table, but you serve good food! I love that kind of food. I call it comfort food! That cake looked delicious. My husband would love it because that is his favorite kind of cake. May have to get that recipe!

  7. I'm sitting here starving half to death having just had yogurt with granola for breakfast, and you show me this??!?!?!?!!! LIZ!!!!!! LIZ!!!!!! You're torturing me, sister!!! Man, that all looks so good! I could just chomp down into a big ol' hunk of roast beef swimming in about a half gallon of rich, beefy gravy...mmmmmmmm!!!!!

    Your tablescape is perfect for a casual but pretty mealtime experience. I like it that you included a bright yellow napkin to draw out one of the flower colors and bring brightness to the table. Your flowers have really held up beautifully, too!

  8. Your rooster looks so cute in sitting in front of your happy flowers! But I like how he matches your curtains!! It all looks so cheerful on your checkered table cloth! I have a sudden craving for cake now - thanks!!

  9. Liz- I hardly ever make a from scratch cake and this one looks delicious. A lot of them just don't turn out right. I am going to copy this one over to my files. Your breakfast table looks beautiful! xo Diana

  10. Hi Liz,

    What a beautiful breakfast and dinner table! Your charger plates are lovely. I would most enjoy a piece of cake with you and that roast beef looks delicious. I'll take a look at the recipe - it might be something even I can handle ... LOL!

  11. Happy Later Birthday, Liz!! Hope you had a wonderful one. The flowers are perfect for a punch of color on the table. Your linens look so cute with the hen and the pretty white plates and charger.
    I usually find homemade cakes so dry, but this one looks really moist and perfect. Sounds fabulous.

  12. What a delightful table you have created! I love your tablecloth, rooster, dish stack---everything! A yummy roast dinner AND a cake from scratch?! Wow! I am feeling guilty!! A beautiful setting---thanks for sharing. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  13. Your rooster is adorable! I love how you placed the basket of flowers to the side, rather than in the center. I think I should head over to Jemma's now and get that cake recipe. It looks divine! :-)
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  14. Oh Liz!!! I want a piece of that cake...I'm drooling, this is not fait, you show us a gorgeous table with lovely flowers and adorable linens, just perfect! I wish I had a cuppa coffee right now, this cake makes me want coffee the more, as gave it up for Lent!!! A happy belated birthday pretty lady!

  15. Love that blue and white checked cloth and your cute little rooster! I will be stopping by later for a slice of cake :)

  16. Liz - what a pretty table. A blue and white combination is always a winner. The tablecloth is wonderful and I think your rooster is perfect sitting on top of it! Thanks for the link to the cake recipe - looks yummy!!

  17. This blue and white combo is so great...wonderful table!

  18. Liz, the hen is the perfect touch to your breakfast table. I'm baking right now, but that cake is definitely jumping off the screen. Sometimes I enjoy a piece of cake more than any other dessert. Copying the recipe for future use.

  19. Liz,
    I love the blue & white checked tablecloth and those white chargers!!!
    You meal looks YuMMy, indeed!
    Your flowers in the box are making their last stand a regal one!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  20. What a beautiful table. And that cake! Looks delicious. Yum! :) Enjoy your weekend. Maria

  21. What a perfect table...can you Fed Ex a piece of that cake??? Definitely know what I'm going to be making today...Love that little wooden toolbox it adds just the perfect touch!

  22. Such a nice day...starting out with breakfast together and ending with a nice dinner to end a wonderful day...Yes, that cake looks delicious!..

  23. Aren't Sundays wonderful. Your table is delightful with the blue and white checked tablecloth and the rooster. We start every Sunday with a hearty breakfast (actually brunch). Most of the week I eat on the run, but Sundays are so special.

  24. I like the crisp, casual look of a checkered table cloth. It looks terrific for your breakfast or dinner, Liz.

  25. Liz,
    Just got home from visiting my daughter in Georgia-your table setting is beautiful and so refreshing!
    Thank you again for sharing my Grandmother's recipe! I am thrilled you and your family enjoyed it!
    Have a wonderful week ahead!


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