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June 25, 2013

Sofa Dreams

Eight years ago we ordered new furniture for the living room, had it painted and carpeted.  We got brave and went with lots of color (our son quipped that we had gotten "color courage").
This large wedge style sofa was a statement piece
but as it turned out for us it wasn't a comfortable piece because it lacked enough back support.

 I sold her on Craigslist and off she went with a 
delightful couple that live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

Back in April we ventured out to many stores to 
look at sofas.
  We landed on this one and then the fun part began for me of sorting through fabrics.  The manufacturer was sponsoring 40% off with the store for 0ne week so we jumped on it.

 I always bring pieces of my carpet & fabrics from our home to help me choose my fabric. What I like about my new color is I can change the accents with it and bring in another color very easily.  I briefly considered that brown fabric but the print was too bold and again dominant.

After many choices I landed on these. The fabrics had to work with our other furnishings because I wasn't changing any of that.
 After having such a dominant print on the other sofa I went with more of a plain fabric but chose to add a print with the pillows.

Well she came last Friday and I'm super happy with it!  It fits in the room so much better too.  

I had the same cording that is on the red paisley pillows added as an accent on the sofa. 

 We're ready to change the wall color but wanted to see the sofa in the room first.  I'm going to lighten it up.  I want more contrast with the furniture which I think will also give it a more updated look.
Benjamin Moore-Linen Sand 2151-60
 This new color has the right tones in it to work with our furnishings, but not quite as bold as the Concord Ivory that we have now.

 We've painted a sample on the wall to make sure we like it, but haven't painted the whole room yet. It almost looks white, but I assure you it isn't.  This also is only one coat and we'll put two on so it will truly reflect the color we've chosen.

I'm so much happier with this sofa.  
Now I can't wait to see the room painted and finish that part of my vision!

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  1. Your new coach is beautiful Liz and I love how you used pillows with accent colours.

  2. Well, Liz it was worth the waiting on your sofa to come in. That is a completely gorgeous look!!! So happy for you.

  3. Oh I do love your new sofa, it is fabulous and your fabric choices are stunning. You did a great job. The new paint color will be wonderful too. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. hi Liz! The new sofa looks great and looks like a good scale for the room. Love the BM paint color for the new wall color! Hope you are having a good summer!

  5. I really like your new sofa. Great color and the trim is so nice on it and the pillows. Love the paint color, too. Looks like you're having a great time redecorating.

  6. Liz
    I like your sofa fabric choices!
    You can never go wrong with paisley.


  7. Your sofa looks nice with the choice of good fabric.It goes well with the room colour...Thx hope you visit me too...:):):)

  8. It is "so you"! Lovely color - soothing and welcoming - and those details should really be named after you ;)
    Love it. Enjoy! Buying Sofas is a huge step isn't it? And when it's right is perfect as it takes so much, visual and phisical, space.
    You have a charming home. Be Blessed,

  9. I love the new sofa Liz!! I know how it is when you want something done "yesterday", it just can't happen fast enough. That's a big room too so its a big job ahead of you! Hope it goes well.

  10. Your new sofa looks great Liz! it's going to stand out and look even better with the paint you picked out. That soft neutral is going to be so calming! Hope you are enjoying the summer.

  11. I know how much you wanted to make this change, Liz, and you did a great job with the decisions on fabric and sofa style! This is something that would have me in a tizzy for weeks on end, but you stepped up like a pro and got 'er done! Good luck with the painting! I like the color...reminds me of a creamy pudding!

  12. Oh I like your room and the couch, and the pillows and the accent chair, and and and...:)

  13. Your new sofa looks fantastic! I just love redecorating when my hubby lets me. Everything really came together nicely.

  14. Your home is much like my health: a work in constant progress!!!!!! :-) I a, very excited for you with the new sofa and hope you have just as much fun choosing the paint! I like the one pictured for consideration. Watching your changes makes me even more antsy to do stuff here!!! You have such a good eye!

  15. What a difference. The sofa looks lovely in your room When you paint, it will all flow and make a statement. The accents colors really pop. A new piece of furniture always is exciting. Have you considered making cornice boxes over the windows for a new look. You could use one of the accent pillow's fabric to tie it all together. Dan is very handy....just lots of batting, fabric and a heavy duty staple gun.

  16. Love the new sofa, Liz! How fun to be able to pick out all your fabrics! Looking forward to the paint!!~~Angela


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