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June 13, 2013

No. 1- Wire Basket

First I'd like to ask a big question or two!  
Why are the French related decorated items frequently given a number?  What is the premise for this?  Do the French really decorate this way? 

Okay given that...

I found this wire basket with a No. 1 at Michael's earlier this year and have been trying to find a way to incorporate it into my decorating.
While it's been hanging around, the spool of burlap and the bag of potpourri ended up tossed in it.  It finally occurred to me that I could use these two items with the basket. 

My kitchen table is my work space for projects.  
I had a vision of using the burlap as a liner for the basket.  
I cut a small piece to line the bottom and then I started laying out the burlap along the sides.  I wanted to ruffle it a bit and it took me a bit to figure out how to get the look I wanted.

I hot glued it along the bottom in various spots, gathering the fabric in little bunches to help created the ruffling, or soft wave.

I decided the potpourri wasn't going to fill it well enough, so I tossed in some moss balls for filler.

This Fresh Hydrangea is rich in smell and it has an interesting array of elements in it.

It came with two bags separating things and a few loose items.

After playing with it a bit I felt I achieved the look I wanted.  I even tucked in the ribbon that tied the bag.  

A side perspective

I played with it on the kitchen table and created  a  quick vignette.
Ultimately though I knew I'd have to move it. 

I moved it to the burlap covered table.  

I took away the riser under the pot....

I even tried it with the steeple shaped piece, but it doesn't work with the Tuscan lamp.  I like both Tuscan and Country French decorating, so I play around with blending the two together.

 Then I brought this plate out and set it on a clear acrylic stand on top of the architectural riser.

I'm never alone...my cats are always close by watching and Riley decided he wanted to get up closer to what I was doing!  

 So for today this is where it's at!

You know me, it will probably change again soon!
I like my trinket box that usually sets there
 and I will probably have to move it back!

The wire basket may head for my bathroom soon.
I think it has a good look for that room.
This spot on the back of the commode is the only place I can put it, but I'd have to give up my other pretties there so I'm just not sure yet!!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!
 Update Saturday
I'm going to give it a whirl here for a while!

I'm joining the following parties:

Between Naps on the Porch
Metamorphosis Monday 

Our Home Away from Home
Tuesdays at our Home

Kathe with and E
Your'e Gonna Love It

Ivy and Elephants
What's It Wednesday

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  1. Oh, I liked it with the steeple shaped piece, and then with the pot, but not so much with the plate. It would look great in the bathroom . . . but it's really up to you. Your burlap ruffled basket will look great anywhere you choose. It's so very pretty!

  2. You are busy busy busy!! I love the basket and I bet it smells wonderful! Riley matches the chair! What a sweetie.

  3. The fun part is that you can move it around from place to place as the spirit moves you, Liz!


  4. Your basket looks beautiful and I'm sure it smells great.

  5. I like your sweet wire basket and all of its fillers. I'm certain you'll soon find the absolute perfect spot for it. :-)

  6. That is a great looking wire basket. I have no idea why the use number so much but it is a cute decorating practice. Love that you are so busy and I love that you have putzed with the basket to make it your own statement. Hope you have a wonderful Friday. Traveling with the little girls and spent 12 hours on the road today- I am so wired up I can't sleep-lol They are great little travelers. xo Diana

  7. It looks so pretty! And, I bet it smells good too!~ Life to the full! Melissa

  8. Hi Liz,

    You have posed a great question and wish I had an answer for you. Your basket looks great - hey, it is No. 1 in my book :-) Like you, I find things I love and then when I get home I'm not sure where to put them. I think it looks nice in your bathroom.

  9. Pretty potpourri basket! I like the way you lined it with burlap and "pumped up the volume" with the moss balls. I'll bet the fresh hydrangea fragrance is nice.

  10. I love it Liz...you made the perfect use for it...looks great in the bathroom...and really love that you added the burlap as a liner...great idea!..it really softened the wire basket...it is definitely a "number one" ....

  11. You found just the right spot for it. Love wire baskets, yours with the number is really cute!

  12. It really does look nice and brings the colors in that you use to decorate. I sure love that trinket box, too! That's my kind of treasure!

  13. I love the basket, and I agree with Diane....the colors are great in it and enhance your room!


  14. Such pretty colors you're working with. The greens and burlap neutral go so well together. I saw lots of burlap at the Country Living Fair -- you are on trend!

    I think I can answer the question about the numbers. The French don't decorate that way. That style is a carry over old-fashioned ways to label baskets and drawers in workshops. You see those old types of pieces in flea markets there. Something like that might be used in a weekend house. It's just been adapted (Pottery Barn probably started it LOL). We bloggers know the power of one photo...

    Thanks for stopping by. Love your blog.

  15. The basket is beautiful and I adore potpourri and how lovely they smell and look great and romantic all over the house, even in the bathroom like you show! This one is a numero-uno in my list! Thanks for your sweet and kind visit lovely lady. Enjoy your summer weekend.

  16. Oh, I did buy a few things for the home too..not in NM, but in Bloomingdale's and Macy's.

  17. I love what you did with the basket. I am so proud of you, you used everything even the ribbon. It does look good in the bathroom.
    I always thought the wire baskets and numbers had something with laundry and the number identified your laundry order.
    However, do you remember going to the swimming pool. You would get a wire basket for your clothes and it had a number on the basket. Just wondering with you!

  18. I love the basket, Liz, and I really like it in the bathroom!! Your blog is absolutely beautiful!~~Angela

  19. I absolutely love the basket. We will be featuring this fab post at our "Pitcher Perfect" Post this week.



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