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June 11, 2013

Gone to Pot!

A little while back a gardening friend I know (Tess) posted a picture of a "Pot Lady" on Face Book that I fell in love with.  
 (I don't know the source of this so I can't give credit)
I've been wanting to make one, but haven't as of yet, so I decided I'd share some pictures of the one Teresa made and a couple of others I've seen on the internet.

 Teresa says it was a bit harder than she imagined to make it.  She ended up buying a special drill bit to drill through the terra cotta on the sides for the arms and legs.  This life sized pot lady weighs a small 
ton too!  (Sounds like me!)

Viewing her from the side (she's built like me!)
Aren't her fancy gloves cute!

You can see the holes coming from the size of the pot for the legs.  She used a nylon rope for longevity and lots of knots to assemble it.

A few people have suggested she should build a Pot Man to go with her, but she's not convinced! 

If you'd like to see Tess's gardens I featured her
yard last year on my garden blog.  
Here is the link "Gardening with Tess" 
 You can see the shed where the Pot Lady sits next to in the far back.  Tess's lives in Virginia and has quite
a green thumb!  Check out that link and see her beautiful back yard and gardens!

Here is another one I found one day while browsing the web for some plant information.
Isn't that adorable and I love how it's set on this wagon with all the neat accents!

Recently another blogger Gail from 
posted her "Pot Lady" which is adorable too!
Gail even gave a tutorial on how she created it!
Here is the link to her post 

As you can see you can make them look however 
you want and go big or small!

One thing nice about these "Pot Ladies"  or
" Pot People" is that as they age they will only
develop more character 
(kind of like us!)

 So my mind has "gone to pot" but I guess it's 
better than "gone to  pieces"!
I know that was terrible!!


  1. What a cute idea! My mom would love one of these in her garden! I'll have to show this to her. I especially like the gloves. Such a cute touch! Enjoy your week!

  2. These are really cute! I love the one sitting in the wagon. I think they are a little to labor intensive for me to make.

  3. I love the one with the hat too! Mine needs a little more personality - I think I'll try sweaters on her with a hat this fall. So much fun to have around and she gets lots of smiles from guests. Thanks so much for including me!

  4. I think I might want to make a mini version of those adorable pot people. Thanks for sharing these, they are so cute. I'm following you now on GFC and hope you'll visit sometime!

  5. Thanks for the shout-out Liz! It was nice of you to include mine with the other adorable pot people. Putting one together is really very easy. And depending on the size you make, you might need someone to help you lift them up and put in place. But please don't be discouraged. It's so much fun decorating them and having them in your garden.

  6. The pot ladies are so cute! What a great idea!

  7. What a super cute project! I had never seen this before but I think they look so beautiful in the garden. So original!

  8. Love this idea. I was looking at a few myself. You can really personalize them the way you want. Thanks for sharing a cute idea. Inspiration is always good.

  9. How creative and beautiful, I LOVE it. Thank you sharing, and also for visiting pret-a-vivre.com and leaving the nice comment. I also love your gift basket above, but this one really caught me smiling :).


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