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June 18, 2013

My Hosta Hill

We had a nice bit of rainfall two nights in a row. Everything looks so fresh so I went out early this morning to see how the plants are doing.

It looks like the wax begonias I used instead of the impatiens are going to work out just fine.  I gave each plant a boost of composted cow manure and a sprinkle of Osmocote fertilizer  when I planted them.  I hope they love it! 

This is a new plant I just added called Astrantia 
(Great Masterwort) 
Star of Fire
I put three plants in
this past week. 

The Siberian Iris opened up so as soon as the sun was on them I snapped a few shots.

This is the first year the Sum and Substance hosta (left side) has looked so grand.  I know it will become even larger as time goes on.  They claim they will get 30" tall and anywhere from 2 ft. to 6ft. wide.   I'm sure mine won't get that wide since our growing season is short.

To the back side of the hill is a hosta I've been patiently waiting to see it take off and show me it's stuff!  This is an Empress Wu hosta and they claim they will get to be up 4 ft. tall.

This is a new addition this year.  It's called the Wheee hosta.
I was drawn to it's curly edges.  I planted it in a location by itself so it could be shown off better.

It's been a cool spring and we just haven't had the warm temperatures that will get the annuals to start  filling out, but they are promising the heat is coming!
The hosta that primarily outline this area are called "Gold Standard".  They are very reliable and consistent. 

Here are some before and afters of the hosta hill.....

This is a shot from a few years ago.  I removed the day lilies that are in the forefront because they were too tall and I wanted a little neater look.
The overall look had become too mixed up and had a sloppy appearance.  I also raised the fairy on a pedestal to give her more presence.


I think the changes I made improved the
overall appearance.

If you'd like to read how some of this back yard area got started, please check out this link to my first post in 2010

Thank you as always for visiting!

I'm joining
Fishtail Cottage for
Garden Party #8

Tootsie Time for
Fertilizer Friday



  1. The hostas are looking very well.

  2. Un véritable petit coin de paradis que votre jardin... Un régal pour les yeux et un endroit où la sérénité règne...
    Gros bisous à vous et merci pour l'ensemble de vos belles photos.

  3. Wow, everything is looking so fresh and pretty.
    I've seen astrantia in the nurseries, but have never grown it. Looking forward to hearing how you like it.

  4. I love your hosta hill and astrantia is a fav of mine...really growing in so nicely.

  5. The hosta hill looks lovely the way it is now and you would have good drainage, making it easier for good growth. I'd like to see your Empress Wu in a few years. :-)

  6. I've been having difficulty leaving comments but will try once more... what an exceptional retreat and beautiful captures that provide a marvelous sense of place... outstanding!! L

  7. This is so gorgeous! I love hostas and the variety you have is amazing! The entire hill is outstanding! I fo und your blog through Fishtaiol COttage's linky party and I'm so glad that I did! I'll be admiring more posts and pics! Hugs, Leena

  8. Your garden is so gorgeous and so is your stone patio. We've had so much rain and it's already hot here. After spending a week in Blowing Rock last month, I am ready to pack my bags and move. If only the Mr. could move his territory there I would be a happy girl! Your photos are so beautiful. You must be spending a lot of time in your garden as it looks so perfect.


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