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January 9, 2013

Tiny Organizing Project

Just before Christmas I started tweaking my kitchen in order to get ready for my son and daughter in-law since they are good cooks and always turn out gourmet food for us to enjoy!
I started with my drawer on the right of my stove that was overstuffed with too many things!
I also emptied this drawer organizer  that's on the left of the stove .  I wanted the everyday spatulas and spoons used for cooking to be here and more easily found.  They were always mixed in the other drawer and I had to fuss too much to find them.
I got this heavy duty vinyl roll to line the drawer with and I chose this clear look so I could still see the maple finish.
It's working out well.  
 Just moving these pieces out of that drawer made a big difference.  It took me a bit to get used to opening the right drawer for what I wanted.

I tossed out a few things and stored a few items in a plastic tub that sets in closet. They are items I rarely use.  
I also lined my pots and pans drawers that are just below with the same vinyl liner. 
 Then I had Dan install two of these racks for holding my saran wrap, aluminum foil, plastic food bags etc.  Those used to be in the drawer where the spatulas are now so I had to find a new home for them.
 This one is in the bottom pan drawer and works out quite well.
 This one is in a cupboard nearby and keeps the taller ones in order.  He chose a screw length that wouldn't pop thru to the other cupboard.  I had him mount it real low so I could get them in and out easily. 

I have a small kitchen so efficiency is king!

So it was a tiny organizing project but I'm glad I did it because it really is working better for me and I noticed the kids found things much more easily when they were in the kitchen!
 I call it a one butt kitchen!  LOL
You have to do a little square dancing around each other at times!

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Oh Liz, will you please come to my house and organize my kitchen? Please...you don't live that far away ya know. I need to do this so bad, thanks for the inspiration to get myself off the winter chair and do something!

  2. Organizing is quite the task...your drawers and cupboards look wonderful! And I love the name for your kitchen - too funny!


  3. I love your kitchen, don't know if my butt would fit lol. Everything looks beautifully organized there, your son and DIL make a very cute couple. xo

  4. Liz, Come on over to my house and help me organize my kitchen. You did a great job with the drawers. I have two drawers by my stove..one with "things that cut" and one with "things that stir". That's the extent of my organizing. I could use some help. Great idea using the Contact paper, too.

  5. Beautiful job! It really helps when we have things organized in the kitchen. Less burning! :-) I think you have seen my kitchen that is also on the smallish side. I am constantly trying to come up with new ideas to make it feel and function like it's much more spacious than it actually is. You have some good ideas here! I say my kitchen is a "one butt kitchen", too, but for a different reason: I don't want anybody else in there messing with me and getting in my way when I'm cooking! :-) The wood inside your drawers is nice!!!!!!!!!

  6. Liz- Great job. I rearranged my drawers before Christmas, too. I got rid of some things (who needs two garlic presses) and I placed like items together. It really does help, doesn't it? You did a wonderful job. I need to go do my daughter's home for her-she has no time with working- xo Diana

  7. Liz, it looks wonderful! Your drawers look so neat and organized. Great inspiration!

  8. A great project Liz. It's always feel so good to get organized. I am sure you loved having your family at the holidays....especially great cooks.

  9. I can't believe my husband was just in the kitchen saying this utencil drawer is a mess, then I see yours so perfect and organized, wow you did a great job, love the way you put the foil standing up and not in the way, I have organized these drawers so many times and then all of a sudden it looks as though people were fighting in there lol..thanks for showing us the good the bad and the unorganized...I am sure I am a follower if not I will be...thanks phyllis

  10. You did a super job of organizing your kitchen, Liz. My Mom and I cook together quite often and joke about the closeness we feel in our small kitchen. I like the idea of using a clear liner so the beauty of the wood shows. Have a great weekend! Shannon

  11. Great ideas Liz! I only have 2 drawers in my kitchen. I know how hard it is to keep them organized.

  12. Hi Liz! Oh, your organizing looks great! I did this last year and so far so good! Yours looks so good and neat and I do know it makes working in the kitchen so much easier. You did good, friend.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Those tiny,organizing projects can be so satisfying!

  14. I consistently organize my utensil drawers...and then immediately junk them up again. Love the racks for the foil, Saran Wrap, etc. thanks for sharing your tips. Cherry Kay


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