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January 12, 2013

Keep your face always towards the sun...

Keep your face always towards the sun- and the shadows will fall behind you  
Walt Whitman

 Well, here we are in the middle of January and we definitely 
have more gray days than sunny ones!

So I decided to pull out some pictures from this past fall.  My garden brings me great joy and happiness!

My little fairy stands among the garden that's gone to rest, 

bedded by the amber and coppery leaves of fall.

Streaming rays 


Viewing out my home office window 


These flowers were still blooming into November!  

Makes ya smile, doesn't it??  


Today the snow had melted enough to see the grass again- a brief respit from our winter weather up north here, and an enjoyable sight!


Thank-you so much for all the comments on my post from last Sunday that was linked to the Sunlit Sunday party.  I am just getting better from a sinus infection and didn't get around to thanking everyone but I did read them all and always appreciate them!


Come join 

My Little Home and Garden 


Sunlit Sunday

Post something that gives you a sunny disposition, a sunny thought, 

something that puts sunshine in your heart and a smile on your face!




  1. Wow, your roses from November are gorgeous. I liked seeing the photos from last fall.
    I missed last Sundays post so went back and you have some lovely snow photos!
    We are connected on Linkedin now too.

  2. What a beautiful garden you have.....your roses were so beautiful!!!
    Spring will be here soon :o)

  3. Gorgeous roses! I admire your green thumb. Sending sunny wishes your way!

  4. Liz- Great photos from last Fall. I am so hoping for an early Spring. I have never enjoyed winter. Glad your sinus problems are better. That rose is so pretty- xo Diana

  5. Beautiful pictures, Liz! I never been much of a winter person, so I can't wait to see the signs of Spring.
    I know your garden will be gorgeous. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  6. Lovely photos!Your autumn garden is quiet, promising rebirth. Those pink roses are beautiful!Yes, they make me smile.
    Have a fabulous day!
    Green Tomato

  7. Your garden and yard photos are beautiful. I love the fall colours. And gorgeous roses too! It's very foggy and at the freezing mark here today. A warm up is coming in. ;)

  8. Aren't you the fortunate one to have such a view from your office window! I really like the photo of the streaming rays of sunlight and, of course, the late roses.

    I hope you're feeling better, Liz.


  9. Hope you are feeling better. Roses are amazing, aren't they!! Every garden should have at least one fairy. Love the rays of light through the trees. Happy Sunlit Sunday!

  10. We all need some sun in our daily lives.

  11. Great garden views even in the grey days. Almost makes you want to do a parody of "fifty shades of grey", Almost.

  12. Lovely fall shots. We are enjoying some sunshine these days in an otherwise pretty gloomy January in the Seattle area...

  13. Aaaahhhhh....so refreshing! We actually got sun today, and I felt SO much better!

  14. Fall shots were magnificent. Hope you get to feeling better.

  15. Lovely shots - but then I love fall. I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better!

  16. Your photos show your view on the world - a lovely place. Glad that you are feeling better. Beautiful rose - I have one that is blooming now, even in the cold of January.

  17. Your garden looks lovely and in a few months, just think how pretty it will be.

  18. Will be happy when these gray days are behind us. You have beautiful views even in the middle of January.


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