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January 4, 2013

Good Memories, Happiness, and Togetherness

That's how I wanted Christmas Day to be, and it was!  It's rare that I have both my kids home at the same time and that we actually celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day!  Our son and his wife live 800 miles away, our daughter is 200 miles away and the rest of our family is 250 miles away!  We often forfeit Christmas at home to be with the rest of the family but this year we had our Christmas at home and then went to see the rest of the family later in the week.

I spotted this guy and knew who it was for 
right away!
wink wink!

Before we opened gifts my son and daughter in-law fried up this homemade batch of doughnuts for us to eat!  They have mashed potatoes as part of the base. The dough was started the night before. They chose to fry them outside on a table so the house wouldn't get smelly from the oil.

They toss them in sugar and then we devoured them!  
Sooo good!

Our daughter Chelsea who asked for some camping and hiking gear

Our son Ryan posing with a book about Martin Guitars.  He's a guitarist in a band on the side.

Our lovely daughter in-law Angela getting some movies she wanted

My husband Dan receiving some fancy libations!

Me getting spoiled with an iPad!

That's what I wanted!

The evening was topped off with good eating! We had a wonderful meal prepared by the kids! 
All in all we had a good time, memories were created and happiness and togetherness was achieved!

I think my flame blew out though, I've been fighting a sinus/throat problem and feeling down.  I'm laying low and working slowly at putting all the Christmas things away. 

I hope your holiday was happy!  
Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Now that's Christmas with all your kids a home with you. Your table looks so pretty and what good food..homemade donuts> YUM
    Lucky you getting an Ipad. Thanks for sharing the photos of your beautiful family.
    Hugs and have a great weekend. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Sounds like the perfect family Christmas,Liz! How wonderful to have all your kids home...now that's the real present!(although that iPad is pretty awesome lol)!! Hope you are back to health soon! Jane

  3. How nice, Liz! Glad that you were able to have Christmas at home, surrounded by your loved ones! It looks like you all had a great time! Hope you feel better soon...things are going around! Wishing you all the best in 2013. Happy New Year!

  4. Perfect Christmas Liz, surrounded by your family. The table and food looked lovely.
    Feel better soon. happy you got an iPad. You will love it!

    1. I am happy you like the design I created for you. Enjoy!

    2. Yes thank-you again for my new look! You're my little miracle worker!

  5. Feel better, Liz. It seems everyone is getting a bug or the flu. Take good care. I am happy you had a wonderful Christmas, in your beautiful home, with your children. And you got to visit family a few days later. Sounds perfect to me. Love your table. xo

  6. You got an IPad? I am so jealous!!!! lol I love the family pictures and I am glad you had such a nice Christmas. I do hope you feel better soon- this "bug" going around is a nasty one this year and lots of people seem to be getting it- xo Diana

  7. The ipad is cool but I love the Pig Chef.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely family christmas.
    Get better soon.

  8. Spoiled beyond belief!!!!!! I'm so jealous! You are really going to enjoy those new toys! Since you're not feeling good, perhaps you can just stay in bed and play with the iPad for a couple of days. You'll get well AND adept at whippin' that iPad around! :-) Feel better and have fun!

  9. Liz, that is what it is all about, being together with happiness, love and comfort. So happy for you that you had this Christmas with all your children! I will call mine that forever! You did great!

    Get better or go to dr,

  10. I just read where you got an Ipad..OK now I am very jealous.....


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