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January 19, 2013

Falling back through the seasons....

Last week for Sunlit Sunday I posted pictures from this past fall.  
I guess I'm going in reverse here, and posting some earlier fall pictures.  
I'm really craving color vs. the all white landscape that I have right now!  
So I'm picking through my archives!
As the backyard garden was winding down we enjoyed 
some pretty mornings.  The sunshine really radiated off the yellow 
leaves of the maple and ash trees.
The woods by our home are primarily made up of 
Maple, Oak, Ash and Beech trees.

I can still imagine the good smell of the outdoors at that time.  
We had a nice long fall and it was uplifting to see the sun.

 The sun moves quickly and opportunity to catch a picture doesn't last long.  Sometimes I question myself for taking so many pictures, but on a dreary winter's day it's nice to look back and know that soon enough the cycle of life renews itself again and I can enjoy it all once more!

Up on the deck peeking through 
some flowers.  As you can see the oak leaves had  
nestled their way in everywhere.

Thank-you for visiting! 
I hope you find something to smile about today!

If you have a few minutes you can 
drop over to my garden blog.  I 
haven't posted anything new since
December, but there are plenty of 
garden posts from 2012 and before. 

I'm joining 
My Little Home and Garden
Here's a little more sunshine from
John Denver


  1. Your backyard garden is so pretty in the fall, Liz. Yes it is nice to see some colorful pictures this time of Year.
    Have a sunny Sunday!

  2. Today was a beautiful sunshine-y day. I love your yard, Liz, it is pretty all year round. xo

  3. Your photos are lovely. While I too love color, I'm trying to enjoy the whiteness of the season.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. How beautiful! I'm so ready for spring!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. Liz,

    I hope you don't mind if I sit on your bench with a cup of coffee one sunny autumn morning! It's so beautiful at your home with all of those wonderful trees and the light coming through them. I'd also linger there in the winter.

    Thanks for joining in this week, once again, with ☀Sunlit Sunday.


  6. Gorgeous. As much as I love Spring, there is just something so unique and magical about the fall.

  7. What beautiful photos! Your yard is really lovely.

  8. What lovely photos! I've been up in your neck of the woods when I lived in Whiting, IN. It's a lovely part of the world.

  9. Love, love, love your photos. Nice to see the fall colors. We are in a deep freeze here and see nothing but snow and this morning fog which is unusual here.

  10. Goegeous pictures of your heavenly garden!


  11. Nothing prettier than the sun through the trees and the gorgeous color of your trees -- WOWOWOW. Nice to be able to look back and see what fall looked like. Beautiful garden. Happy Sunlit Sunday!

  12. What a pretty garden you have in the fall. Looks nice to walk.
    Green tomato

  13. Some trees turn the most beautiful shades of yellow! You have a wonderful spot to enjoy all year round! Stay warm!

  14. Beautiful Liz! I never tire of pics of your garden. It certainly is gorgeous in the Fall!

  15. What beautiful photos! I think Fall and Spring are the most gorgeous times to take pics. Thanks for sharing with us. Like you, we don't have much color here, but at least, we don't have snow.


  16. Y'know, you have such beautiful property there. It just looks like the kind of home where I could come to hide out for awhile and get away from the world. I could just sit outside in your yard and let nature take me away. Very different from the back-to-back suburban neighborhood where I live. You have the wonderful advantage of having a "park" environment right outside your back door...a sanctuary. Spring and summer just have to be the most beautiful right there in your yard!

  17. You have a lovely garden, you should be glad to take all those lovely pictures, you can never have too many.

  18. Beautiful shots of color and sunshine!

  19. Your property is just lovely. Mother nature has such a varied palette:) There is something very peaceful about the winter.

  20. I really love your backyard. It is so beautiful and peaceful looking. The trees with the sunlight streaming through the yellow leaves, the stone path and the beautiful bench are perfect. Blessings, Pamela

  21. Your garden is lovely - the walls, the sitting places - and I love the leaves on the ground.
    At this time of year I crave colour, as all is grey and dark green out here. Soon, though, the blossoms will be out everywhere and I'll get my fill of colour!

  22. Beautiful pictures of your wonderful garden. I take plenty of pictures too - they are a slide show on my computer monitor and it definitely helps with the winter blues. It is hard to believe a major part of January is gone though - time is flying. Soak up the sun when you can until Spring!

  23. Lovely pictures Liz....It looks great with the sun streaming through. I have always loved your stone path. It feels good when you get a chance to soak up the sun.

  24. Gorgeous autumn photos Liz! My favorite time of the year :-)

  25. Hi Liz,
    Yes it is wonderful to see flowers in the cold of winter! Your garden is beautiful!!

  26. Beautiful pictures! Your backyard looks spectacular..Christine


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