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October 18, 2012

Planting and Readying for winter.....

Yesterday we had a perfect and gorgeous fall day. It climbed to 70 degrees and there was a full day of sunshine!  We've had a lot of rain lately- in fact 6" to be exact last week.  
I had my Tulips and Narcissus to get planted so I set out to make that my main focus for the day!
First up is a picture from last week overlooking our garage.  The color was at peak!
This was yesterday.

I love the drama of these tall trees...it's my nature's cathedral.

 I had 70 bulbs to plant. Since I have landscape mulch, I rake it off to the side and dig my hole...I put that dirt in the bucket so I can neatly pour it back on and then rake the mulch back over.
These will be the new faces!

I dug 7 holes and 10 bulbs went in each spot.  They all got a dose of fertilizer and now I can't wait to see them next spring!

My 2nd focus was to remove the annuals from their pots. These coleus were definitely done!

My favorite garden cart was filled a couple of times...notice the black gloves!  I sure got messy yesterday!

The Japanese Maple was gorgeous and from the backside even prettier! I only used my iPhone for my pictures since I was in the dirt and didn't want to risk getting my good camera polluted with sandy dirt.

The fountain has been turned off and the leaves have turned the water brown.  It will be emptied, and cleaned out before winter.

I hated to remove these plants since they are still growing, but things change here quickly and I really need to get this   winterizing going. 

I pulled out all the Impatiens plants- they were definitely done growing.  As you can see the hostas are yellowed out and ready for their sleep.

I looked up while working and noticed the neighbors tree so I had to take a shot of it.  

The Geraniums are still blooming away.  I didn't take these plants out- I didn't have the heart!

The Alyssum seems to be enjoying this cooler weather and blooming away quite nicely! 

Just a shot from a different view point!

The hydrangeas are turning color too!

The Limelight Hydrangeas still blooming.

I emptied the plants from the large planters out front of the garage.  The Sweet Potato vine had done a lot of growing underground!

This is really hard for me to do but I pulled all the plants out.  

I'd rather be doing this in nice weather rather than wait until it's so cold I have to wear a coat and hat!  November can be a real mixed bag of temperatures and precipitation!
I came back later and rinsed things down since I made a big mess! I'm going to dump all the potting soil in one area out back and reuse it next year.

I seemed obsessed with pictures of my garden cart yesterday!  Perhaps it was just to remind myself of what I had done!

On my way out back to dump these I took yet another picture of my cart!  

Early in the morning a few days back I captured this sunrise.  I loved how the Hostas glowed in this shot!

Well that's a wrap...Thanks for coming by!


  1. Great photos. Your Fall color is fantastic but it never lasts long enough. I love to see all the colors out there right now. You did get a lot accomplished. I finished up also except for the Hosta and Mums. Then later of course dealing with the leaves.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Wow, Liz, you have been busy! The fall colors are stunning! Still none of that here! I'm so jealous! The Japanese maple is gorgeous! I've always loved those.

  3. Wow! You are really on the ball already getting ready for winter. I am Waaaayyyy behind you!
    Such lovely gardens!



  4. Mrs Tootlepedal has planted 100 bulbs so she is feeling virtuous too but you have been really busy.

  5. Your garden looks a lot like mine right now although I think you have had more rain and a bit warmer. I hav ea a very similar cart and love it. I am always hurrying to plant bulbs so i never think to fertilize but I think I will have to and I love that fertilizer so thanks for the reminder.

  6. Hi Liz,

    There is so much color and beauty at your home. Can't wait to see those bulbs in the springtime! Our Japanese Maple didn't do as well this year with the warm spring and then the cold snap. It never really filled out. Everything is just gorgeous!

  7. Oh, where to start. So jealous of your 4 car garage. We have a 3 car attached to the house and I have to fight the clutter to keep enough space for my car! Pretty bad, since we have a basement. 2nd, probably the one thing I like about Fall is when some of the leaves have fallen and the light comes through the trees. Love the photo of your trees~ the photo with the hostas. Which leads me to: do you pull up your hostas or just leave then to rot? I usually wait until when they start to break down and then put what's left in the compost pile. This year, since I'm so behind, I might just leave them til Spring. I haven't done ANY shrub trimming and that usually takes us several weekends. I don't have the energy for that. Might just have the hubs do the front yard. Our weather has been nice, although it's a little chilly in the house in the morning. Don't want to turn the heat on yet, but we're probably going to have to because it's going to be in the 60's this weekend and the house won't warm up. I'm going to add another blanket to the bed tonight.


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