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October 9, 2012

M22 nightmare....


The day had begun with a misty rain and now the sun was popping through the clouds.  Feeling confident the sun was going to continue to shine we set out for our fall color tour.  Halloween was on my mind and I was going to be on the lookout for a nice fat pumpkin for carving.  M22 is a pleasant drive and we set our destination towards it.

 As we got further away from our community we noticed the atmosphere strangely changing.

 It seemed as though the color was disappearing from the landscape and we had a sense we were not where we belonged anymore.

 As we worked our way through the curves and hilly areas we noticed the clouds were building again.  An ominous feeling was creeping in....we wanted to turn back but it seemed like a force was pulling us. We continued on.  In the back of my mind I started thinking of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and how she said
  "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto"....

The road gradually climbed higher and our view was a bit obscured as we were finishing a curve-  and then suddenly this field of corn and a barn in the distance appeared!  We both gasped at the same time!

I decided to get out of the car to take some pictures and as I exited Dan said "leave the door open".  We both had an uneasy sense about this place.

 In the field there were these corn shocks- a very old fashioned method of drying corn which seemed out of place these days.   A feeling that we had stepped into another time was all around us.

I worked my way closer to the very tattered barn- Dan crept along with the car keeping close to me.  I couldn't shake the feeling I was being watched...I couldn't help but stare at the dark open areas with curiousness, but was afraid to approach any closer....
I was sure something would appear and frighten me to death!

 At first glance of this old wagon cart my mind was running wild...the white pumpkins seemed to look like skulls!  I knew better but my imagination was out of control!

 It was peculiar how all these pumpkins were set out.  You would think they were for sale but not a sign anywhere to indicate it.  It was as if the people had mysteriously disappeared!

I felt odd about the whole situation and now that second barn on the hill caught my eye.

The more I stared at it the more uneasy I felt. What might be in there? What might be hiding?

 I turned my attention towards the house.  I thought someone should have come out by now...I just couldn't shake that uneasy feeling
 - I needed to leave. 

I stumbled my way back to the car and in a choked voice I said we NEED get out of here NOW!
We pulled away and as I glanced at the house I swear I saw someone up in that gable window.

 We sped away from there as fast as we could.  Scenes from that movie Jeepers Creepers crept into my head-
 and I was really getting freaked out!

A ways up the road we came upon another barn, no house nearby.  We slowed a bit to see if anyone was around.

I swore I heard a blood curdling noise (probably me!) and I begged that we leave quickly.  
My neck was tense and my brain was in overdrive.

Further up the road was a roadside park so we decided to take a moment to collect ourselves.  It was so silent- all we could hear was the lapping of the waves. 

Looking down in the hill we could see a small community in the distance.  We decided to head that way and hoped we could find a a place to have a bite to eat and a hot cup of coffee.

There was no one around, no sign of life.  We were really far away from home and since we were in unfamiliar territory we decided we would go back the way we came....

 We seemed to be the only ones on the road but suddenly another car appeared.  As they passed us we noticed they had blank looks on their faces, almost like they weren't real.  We definitely felt we were not supposed to be there. 

We sped by the house and barn. I was too scared to even look at it again!  That dueling banjos song from Deliverance was playing in my head and scary images were flashing through my mind!
A overwhelming sense of urgency had come over us and we couldn't get out of there quick enough!

Spotting another home I thought perhaps we would see someone around the house but there was no sign of life there either.  

 After driving a few miles we started noticing the color was returning- It was so odd.  
Finally, there were signs of life- I was so relieved!

 The miles seemed to be going by more quickly now. We were so grateful to be returning to more familiar territory and pulling out of whatever it was we seemed to have found ourselves in....
Evening was coming quickly and we were glad to be nearly home.  I don't think we'll be heading down those country roads again any too soon!  

So much for finding a pumpkin to carve!

I  was waking up and realized I had fallen asleep and it had all been a scary nightmare!  
I was so relieved to look out and see my back yard and know I was really home....as Dorothy said... 
There's no place like home!!
Ahh, peace and tranquility!

Thank-you for indulging in my Halloween spirited fun!
I know- you thought I was nuts
wink wink!! 


 I had to include this clip from the movie Deliverance!



  1. Liz, you had me going at first! I thought you encountered some freakish weather condition! This was great I really enjoyed it. Now off to read the real story........xo

  2. Liz, you are a mess! LOL!!! I was waiting for the scary creature to jump out at ya!! Your imagination was really in overdrive on this one! I loved it!!!

  3. I agree, what a great imagination. You had me going there for a second. ;) XO ~Liz

  4. Awesome post!!! LOL You also had me going! You are great!

  5. In just a few minutes there will be a knock on your door. It's OK. Go ahead and answer it. There will be 3 or 4 very nice men in starched white lab coats. They will speak very gently, calmly, slowly and deliberately so as not to startle you. They will ask you to come with them. It's OK. Go ahead and go. It's fine. Because it's a little chilly out, they will want to slip you into something warm...a wraparound jacket that ties in the back. It's OK. It will be nice and cozy. They are also going to take away your shoes because the shoelaces will just be a nuisance. They are going to give you a fun little ride in the back of a windowless van which might seem a little weird at first, but you'll settle down once the nurse gives you a little shot of...well, let's just call it calming medicine. The men will take you to a big, sterile building where you will have your very own room with lots of fabulous, chic padding on the walls and floor. Oh, how contemporary! Don't worry...we'll all come to visit after the first 30 days. It'll be fine. :-) FUN post, Liz! The photography really added to the story! That was cool!!!

  6. Ok Liz, you had me going. That is one scary story. I couldn't stop reading. Love it. you are so bad. Thanks for sharing such a scary tale.

  7. At first I thought you were going to tell us you that a tornado came through. Loved the pics, tho!

  8. Oh My Gosh Liz, what are we going to do with you? I just know you were a mess when you was a young girl...right?
    Very scary adventure tour!

  9. OOOOO...I'm skert!! That was some tale, Liz, and I just knew Michael or Jason was gonna pop out of that barn! You tell a good spooky Halloweeny story! ;)
    Glad you woke up too.
    Thanks for your kind words to me.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. OMGosh, Liz! How scary...giggle. Great story..too bad you never got your pumpkin, but at least you got home alive. Great Halloween story! giggle

  11. Shame on you for scaring me so much. That was the best Halloween story I've heard in a while. -------- Shannon

  12. You are so clever...you really had me going there for a minute, lol! What a neat way to get a rise out of someone by this little tale, such a great one Liz!

  13. Ha...you had me going. I can't believe you didn't swipe a few of those white pumpkins. :o) Your new header looks fabulous! Happy Sunday Liz...

  14. LOL! Liz you are quite the story teller. Since I've seen all of those movies I was hanging on the edge of my seat, er... screen. I'm glad you are okay! :)

  15. Hi lovely lady.
    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Tablescape for Autumn. Your photos are Beautiful Liz.. I also love your new Header.I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.
    XXOO Diane


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