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October 9, 2012

Fall Color Touring

Hello everyone!
  I can't believe how fast it's changing here.  We are 2 weeks ahead of our normal fall season.  We took a ride on Sunday to capture some of the beauty before it's done!

I took a shot of the backyard/garden area before we left. The sun was coming out and we were hoping for a good day to see the colors.
You can see how cloudy the skies were, but we were optimistic that it was going to clear up.  This is a road I take everyday as I head to town.  I snapped a few shots off as we drove down the hill.  Funny how you don't realize how many poles and electric lines there are until you take a picture!
I told Dan one of the kinds of pictures I wanted to capture was with a field of corn and trees in the background. Within 10 minutes of leaving our home I found just what I wanted. We did a U turn and pulled off so I could
 get out and take a few pictures.
This was my favorite!
Not far away was this stand of woods that were ablaze with color!
We meandered through the countryside and I clicked off pictures as we went.
A roadside viewing area we stopped at.
These are mostly maple trees.  
We spotted this barn and it was such a pretty shade of red. I always wonder what the rest of the story is when I see a barn standing all by itself.  Not even a house near it.
Isn't it picture perfect!
We came across this old barn and silo that caught our attention immediately. 
The silo is constructed of wood and has been covered with roofing shingle as well as the barn. It makes for a very odd look but I guess they didn't have to paint it for many years!
     You can see it's not in great shape, but it looks sound enough.

They had a large of amount of pumpkins displayed. We didn't notice any for sale signs, but it sure looked like they were selling pumpkins to me!
It's a very odd looking cart- I don't think I've ever seen wheels like those before!  The sunflowers must have been recently cut since they still looked good.
A nice bunch of flowers still blooming.  Notice the pumpkins stacked on the straw bales too!  Someone went to a lot of trouble to arrange all of this!
Notice the corn...
I love how they set up these shocks of corn.  Very unusual and neat to look at!
Their home is tucked behind some trees and on a 
hill so I only got a quick shot of it. More pumpkins!
We stopped at a roadside scenic turnout that has a nice viewing area. I took pictures here last year too but it was a much warmer day and the lake looked beautiful. 
Looking out on Lake Michigan

Our weather was overcast and windy today so we didn't stay long.
We traveled a while and I just enjoyed the view from the car.
 We stopped by at a piece of property that we love in Frankfort. This is at the end of a culdesac.  A lot would be on the left and right as I stand and I imagine their lot lines would meet in the center here.
A developer had started a new subdivision a two houses were built. Then the market took a bad dive and apparently the developer lost the land back to the bank. It's all for sale again, but these days there aren't many new starts of homes so it's going to take a while to see some activity.

We love the view at the one end and I always take a picture or two.  That green flat area is actually a small airport for small privately owned planes.
   This is a shot immediately to the right of the last three.  I didn't get the setting right so it came out very dark. Still beautiful though! See why we like it here!  When I win the lottery I'm going to buy this whole bit of land and enjoy it!

It was a good day, but damp and cool. We got home and warmed up with some coffee and relaxed.   

Glad you came by!
I hope this fall season is as enjoyable as ours is!


  1. I enjoyed coming along on this tour, Liz. Gorgeous scenery. I am impressed with the private landing strip! You have lots of good color already. I love the way those folks made the cornstalks look like a teepee. xo

  2. Liz, these photos are just beautiful! I love the ones with the old barn! All of those pumpkins there, just make the perfect scene. We don't have any seasonal color here, yet!

  3. Your favorite photo is mine also. Must be wonderful to live there. But all of these photos were amazing. You are a little ahead of us with Fall color so far.

  4. J'en redemande encore!!! tant vos photos sont merveilleuses et resplendissante de joie de vivre avec ces couleurs flamboyantes!... Comme j'aurais aimé vous accompagner et faire un bout de chemin avec vous.
    Une publication enivrante de plaisir. merci encore et comme l'écrit si bine Sunray Gardens, je suis du même avis que vous en ce qui concerne votre photo préférée.
    Gros bisous à vous

  5. Beautiful!!! We have a few more weeks before we even begin to see any color but I know I'm going to have to head to the mountains to see it now. We haven't gone in a few years because I always thought "oh I've seen it before - no need to drive up there again" but your pictures have me wanting to see it again. It looks like you had a good day together!

  6. Sensational stuff. I enjoyed your tour a lot.

  7. Wow, such beautiful scenery, colors. I love every picture you took, simply breathtaking.

  8. Fun posts, the Halloween scary one and this real one. Lovely.

  9. Fabulous shots of a colorful fall...those orange woods are just amazing.

  10. Awesome pictures! You really had a wonderful trip. Amazing fall sceneries.


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