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October 3, 2012

Fall's a comin'

Hello and Happy Fall!

Things are changing here rather quickly (perhaps too quickly) but no matter how it goes I enjoy the beautiful colors of fall. 
I went out and took a random bunch of shots of trees, shrubs and plants that are already changing. No sun today...possible rain coming- so it's not too cheerie!

Just last week- as you can see in my previous post- it looked a lot different! 
I'll begin with a back up view of my deck Fall display....
The raccoons have been visiting it each night and have stripped the corn off the stalks and also made several messes of my pumpkins and gourds!
 They've eaten them clean and some have ended up on the driveway or the yard....I hope they will tire of coming since they've eaten all the corn!
Each year I try a different display.  It's a bit of fun and sort of a last hurrah before the "white season" begins!
I couldn't resist this speckled swan gourd!  Is there a way to preserve these- dry them etc.?  I've seen gourds dried and they almost look like wood but I don't know if there are any particular steps to take.

They raccoons also broke up my mums in the pot by the lantern...ho hum...I guess that's part of the deal! 
Notice the arbor in the background...the Sweet Autumn Clematis really took over and has been blooming like crazy!  It glows in the evening especially if there is some moonlight!

I've let it go wild and not trimmed it...The birds like to jump in there with their seeds and eat. I guess we could call it the Arbor Hotel!!

 The ferns are done... ready to go to sleep...

 The grasses are turning color too...

The Hostas are starting to die back...

 In about a week we're going to be at peak color here.

Way out back in the field are some Sumac turning red... It's hilly around here...it drops down quite a bit and then right back up!

Back by the fountain area...

Speaking of the fountain...at this time of year it becomes almost impossible to keep the leaves from clogging things up...we'll have to put a screen over it or empty it and turn it off.

My favorite Limelight Hydrangeas are turning...

I turned around and realized our Ash tree is in full color.  We're hoping and praying we won't loose this big old tree to the Emerald Ash Borer.  We've been keeping a close eye on it and are having injections done to create an unpleasant taste to the inner bark of the tree.  It's supposed to turn away these borers.
It always puts on a beautiful display of color...but it's always the first to lose it's leaves!
So say a little prayer for my baby!

 The Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora Rose is still blooming! This is the most successful rose I've ever grown.  I gave up on the Hyrbrid tea roses, but that's what's nice about this, it's a cross between a Hybrid Tea Rose and a Floribunda Rose.  Very hearty and disease resistent!

The Sweet Potato Vines are done....I did slack off on watering which sped things up.  They aren't what you call draught tolerant! The spike and the Supertunias are hanging in there though!

Out by the driveway where the tulips were last spring I've planted some mums. I should probably add some more, don't you agree??

This is my first Limelight Hydrangea I planted several years ago.  It likes this spot and has been a joy to watch.  It's winding down now.  The flowers will turn a papery brown color and hang on for a good part of the winter...they make for an interesting accent when the snow flies! Those are spirea bushes at the base that give it that extra fullness.

Across the street some are maples full of color and more of the sumac.  The woods in the background are still very green so we will still have them to enjoy in the coming days.

 Up by the bedrooms is my Coral Bark Japanese Maple tree...it's in full color already.  Sorry about the blur...it seemed like most of my pictures had a soft blur to them today.  I'm sure it's not photographer!!

Up in my office looking out of my window...my view!

I hope fall is coming to your area too- especially those in the south who have been abused with extreme temperatures all summer!  My friend Tess that I blogged about earlier this summer says they won't have their fall colors until November.  It's still in the 80's there! 

I'm joining Rose Vignettes for
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  1. Wow, Liz, it really looks like fall there! Everything here still looks like summer. We are supposed to get a really good cold front for the weekend; so, hopefully, we can start to see some fall color soon. Love your vignette!

  2. You really are turning colors fast!!! It is gorgeous and I enjoyed the tour around your yard. I love your fall gathering on the deck and that clematis is amazing!! It's all magazine worthy!!! It's definitely hot and muggy here for a few more days. I'm just a teeny bit envious of your temps and color!!!

  3. You really are turning colors fast!!! It is gorgeous and I enjoyed the tour around your yard. I love your fall gathering on the deck and that clematis is amazing!! It's all magazine worthy!!! It's definitely hot and muggy here for a few more days. I'm just a teeny bit envious of your temps and color!!!

  4. Really lovely Liz. I have to laugh about the Raccoon. I know it's not funny though. I'd be ready to trap it. :) I am envious of the Coral Bark JM. Wish I had room for one. My brother has one on his property. Couldn't understand why you didn't show up in my sidebar and only on the reader. Well I hadn't yet put you there. LOL Have a nice weekend.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. You know, I feel like I always say the same thing about your gorgeous yard. It is simply stunning! Those racoons are becoming a menace. UGH! How frustrating. The leaves so pretty. :) Thank you so much for adding your lovely post for Fresh-Cut Friday. :)


  6. OMG where do I start! First of all your gardens still look so beautiful!! Love your porch vignette. You def have to figure out how to preserve/dry that Swan Neck Gourd, she's gorgeous!
    Don't get me started on raccoons!! We have an aweful time with them...they thought they owned our backyard to the point of attacking our Great Dane and did some major damage to her. Thank goodness our chihuahua didn't get out, they would have killed her.
    I adore your flagstone? patio area...simply to die for! All those colorful leaves in the pond is what I've been longing for. We don't have any as gorgeous as those. I read you can coat them in ModPodge and they will hold their color and stay flexible. (per pinterest) Anxious to try that, if I ever find some pretty leaves ;) The ferns, clematis, hydrangeas, Ash and those gorgeous Maples across the street and ALL your gardens are still so breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing. I'm dieing for Spring already!!! LOL

  7. You have SO MANY beautiful trees and plantings around your home!!! I wish! I am just too lazy to maintain it all! If I had a gardener to do all the heavy lifting I might be more open to it. :-) I remember drying gourds back in grade school for projects, but I can't remember for the life of me how to do it. Google, baby, Google!!!

  8. you definitely have a variety of many beautiful plants, trees and flowers! It looks so beautiful. Happy fall!

  9. Your garden is beautiful even as it is winding down. Our hydrangeas had a very hard time this summer--first the heat fried them and and deer got all the new ones we planted!! The raccoons and squirrels get our pumpkins too. I hope your tree survives--it is so pretty in that spot. Coming over to you from Liz's party. Very nice to find you! Linda

  10. Your garden is certainly putting on a wonderful show letting us know it is there in all its glory before going to sleep...love the pumpkin and gourds...

  11. Wow, your garden looks so lovely in autumn! LOVE it!

    Linking from Fresh Cut Friday,
    Ricki Jill

  12. What a beautiful place you have, Liz. The trees, shrubs and plants still look great so I'm sure you are enjoying every moment until cooler weather comes. Your patio area looks like a good place to sit and enjoy all the beauty of nature around you. I hope your beautiful tree stays healthy. It would be a shame to lose it so let's keep our fingers crossed. Hope you have a great week!!---------- Shannon

  13. Liz, your yard is always a showpiece. Yes, Fall has arrived and things are changing. Time for blooms to go away. I see lots of leaves around.
    Your tree is gorgeous. I have yet to work on the navigation or look at your blog. Now, I have a pinched nerve in my left shoulder and arm.

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