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October 15, 2012

Winnie the Witch is back!

Please gather round and join me for quick bite to eat!
Last year I featured Winnie Green at my Bewitching Gathering!  She's returned but was not pleased to find Charlie the raven helping himself to the corn that was being saved for the winter- 
 So like any good witch would do- she trapped him and put him under a cloche in the graveyard of skulls, pumpkins and rotting moss!  

His friend Eva can't figure out how to get him out of there!  She's been pecking at the glass for hours!
I think they both missed the graveyard warnings!

 Strange creatures will join you as you dine, but don't be alarmed...they won't bite... M U C H!!

Winnie loves green so the table has been set using these bright green chargers!

Eek!  I don't know about these creepy things crawling around!

Winnie may be a witch but she does love her pretty things...

Winnie adores such pretty shiny objects!

She peers down with pleasure! 

Quietly she hovers over the table-  I think she's really after Eva now!

Charlie wanted out real bad, but it's too late!  Winnie turned him into a piece of wood and poor Eva hasn't figured that out yet!  I think she better get out of there!

The first course will be Ghoulie Gourd soup!  She carved these out and filled them full and she says there is a special ingredient in them- something about toads???

Hmm.... this is scary!

Winnie added a special ingredient to the drinks too!  
Boy, I'm not sure about this now!! 

I wonder if this is a potion to put you under her spell?

Winnie loves this fancy tablecloth! It was specially woven for her by her arachnid friends!

Each plate has a picture of her former victims!
She does enjoy having fun!

The 2nd course tonight will be Ravenous Wraps
with spindly greens and a mystery meat!  Hmm...I wonder what that could be?

 Evening is near so come my pretties-
  Enjoy your meal! 

Come join me at the following parties this week!

Marty from a Stroll Thru Life is hosting a
and she has a giveaway!

and there's always a Tablescape Party at
Between Naps on the Porch
 and Cuisine Kathleen for

Salad Plates by Tag, Halloween Black Plaid
Dinner Plates by Myott/Queens, French Country Rooster
Green chargers courtesy of Michaels
Stemware from One King's Lane
Tablecloth from Amazon last year
Glass Pedestal stands from Pottery Barn
Flatware from One King's Lane- no identifying name


  1. Ohhh I just love Winnie. Love your plates to Liz. Very cute table.

  2. What a creepy table!!! LOL Love it. The dishes are beautiful and Winnie is perfect overlooking the table!

  3. Liz, this post is so great. I love Winnie the Witch and those salad plates are the best! xo

  4. Liz, I LOVE this post. That Winnie the witch is adorable...but don't tell her I said so. Love how she's hanging in the chandelier. You have so many great details and tons of inspiration. Thanks.
    Now I want to go shopping for a witch. :)

  5. Oh, forgot to tell you I LOVE LOVE your header.

  6. Awesome table and Winnie the witch is doing a terrific job overseeing the table. Great story and the salad plates are wonderful.

  7. So Winnie is slipping people a roofie now, huh? What's up with that? She's an extra evil little thing! :-) Everything about this table is fabulous! I LOVE Winnie's perch on the light fixture above the table! Very unique!!! That is just about the coolest tablecloth, too! It's kind of Stevie Nicks meets The Wicked Witch of the West! :-) Your ribbon is gorgeous, and I love how you put it around the corn! It brings that orange color right down to the base of the table...perfect! I remember your plates, but they look different because of all the other great things staged along with them this year. That's the genius of creativity!!! Really like the subtle pattern in your stemware, too. It's perfect for this table! TEE-riffic, Liz!!!!!!!

  8. Liz, this is so cLEVER! I love your Witch, I got rid of all my witches and ghosts PRE blogging:( How wish I still had them. Love the writing and the plates are perfect. Great tablecloth too. Love every element. Sorry I haven't been around enough. XO, pinky

  9. Thank you for your sweet comment.....I love your blog too...will follow

  10. Wow, first I have to say your header is fabulous! What a great storyline for Winnie the Witch. All of your attention to detail makes a great tablescape story. Great little plates, love the place setting. Great job!

    The French Hutch

  11. A gorgeous creepy table, lol..I love Winnie, she's so cute. I'm just crazy about your dishes, they adorable. Your header is fabulous, you are talented, not like me, lol.. You did a great job and the story was fun too. Happy cloche party sweetie.

  12. Your Halloween decorations are great! I love Winnie and your table is fabulous! Your cloches are wonderful too! Your header is amazing! Great job on everything!

  13. Oh! How FUN! I love it. Your little witch is the perfect little director of fun!


  14. Oh I forgot to mention that your banner is adorable! :)


  15. How fun Liz. I love all of the creepy crawling things and Winnie is too cute. Love how she has a birds eye (or should I say crows eye) view up there on her perch. The green chargers are fab and I love all of your black and white dishes. The small plates with the variety of Halloween motifs are fab too!

  16. You inspire me to put together a Halloween table. I love the witch in the chandelier.

  17. What a scary Halloween tablescape! I just love Winnie the Witch and that rat who has come to visit. Everything looks fantastic Liz!

  18. Oh How fun is this, I love your Halloween tablescape. The graveyard, witches,rat and pumpkins, are all fabulous. The plates are wonderful, what a great table. Your cloches look perfect. Thanks tons for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  19. A really fun table! Love those Halloween plates! hugs, Linda

  20. I loved this.. the spell you wove has just been delightful. I do love your sweet witch! Her face is so glamorous. The table is just a real fun place to be.. xo marlis

  21. Liz, that was such a fun, creative post! What fun your ghoulish guests will have at the party.

  22. Hmm..I wouldn't drink that potion--you may tun into something...but I would eat off those cute plates! What a fun post! Linda

  23. Winnie has beautiful hands for a witch! I love all the details on your table. Those black plaid dishes are amazing. Where ever did you find them? The green chargers are perfect. Dianne

  24. What a bewitching table! I love your plates and the plaid rims paired with the checks! I think I'll pass on the Ghoulie Gourd soup :)

  25. What a fun post! Your table looks wonderful, so be"witching". I love Winnie presiding over the table from the chandy! So cute and so evil. :)

  26. What a fun time you and Winnie and friends have had with this table and post. I love the black and white plates (both), and right about now I need a bit of your potion. The little pumpkin cloche and your centerpiece cloche are great. Joni

  27. What a fun table! Love how Winnie is hanging out above the table. Thanks for sharing your fun and festive table.

  28. Cute and creepy! What a fun.
    Love those rich, warm colours. Beautifully placed and very elegant autumn table!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  29. What a cute post! I love Winnie in the chandelier. I have those same little H'ween plates. I need a Winnie and some more crows. Really fun. laurie

  30. Adorable Winnie has such a great view of your festive table!

  31. Oh that Winnie! She has made it very fun to visit.

  32. I love it, Liz!! You did a good job! I will have to put my witch up there next year!

    Happy Fall!


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