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June 1, 2011

Inspiration from another blogger!

Inspiration from another blogger's post!

I saw this picture on Vignette Design's 
recent post and it sparked an idea for me.
As soon as I saw the moss in this picture 
with the small clay pot I was inspired
A while ago I bought this bowl at Pier 1 
Imports for a display I had in a cabinet.
 Since then I've made changes and the 
bowl has been floating around looking for 
a home!  I recently acquired this little 
faux plant from Pottery Barn but hadn't 
decided where it was going to be put.
When I saw the moss it inspired me to 
merge the new plant with this bowl
and use the moss to accessorize it!
I went to my little box of deco 
accessories where I had a bag of 
sponge moss * pieces......
 I placed some moss on the bottom to 
raise the little pot higher and then filled 
in the sides with the moss! 
*I think it's actually called Reindeer Moss
I set it in my kitchen window and with the 
sunlight on it you'd think it was real! 


  1. Love it Liz. Always so much fun to get inspiration out there.

  2. Looks great Liz! There's nothing like moss to gussy things up! ~Delores

  3. Very Pretty Liz! I love to work with moss too I use a cake plate and made a summer arrangement with moss, flowers a bird nest and a cute little bird I love it!

  4. Isn't Delores the best for inspiration!? I love what you have done, Liz. It looks terrific! I bet it makes you happy each time you see it! We had a real nice weekend, a family picnic on Sun. and Mon. we were REAL lazy, too hot to do a thing:):) XO, Pinky

  5. I love Delores' blog. She's so classy! Regarding moss...I always stuff it in plants too...both Spanish moss, the really green kind that I collect from the woods, and a new soft moss called reindeer moss.

  6. I think that's what this sponge like moss probably is called Reindeer Moss.. I couldn't find the name so I just called it sponge moss!

  7. Hi lovely lady.
    I love using the green moss also Liz, you did a Beautiful job so sweet. I hope you have a Great Day.
    XXOOO Diane

  8. I agree with you, Liz - it does look real! I love your planter. You have a wonderful eye. The moss is the perfect finishing touch.

  9. love the silver bowl Liz! and I'm a huge lover of all moss... strange, I know, but true;)


    p.s. thank you for your sweet comment about the mag!

  10. Oh that is cute! :) I love to adapt all the great ideas out there to my home! It is one of the best things about blogging! Aside from meeting new friends. :)



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