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May 31, 2011

Lovely May Shower- #2

Welcome to our second bridal shower this month!

This past weekend I attended the 2nd Bridal Shower
for my son and his Fiance' Angela.
They will be married in Pennsylvania
so my family decided to have a 2nd
Bridal Shower in Michigan so we could
introduce the bride-to-be to more family and friends.
These are my sisters, Sherry, Donna, and Jen 
and niece Jessica.  Sherry hosted the party
here at her home and they all pitched in with
food and decorating. Jess is in culinary school
and made these lovely Lemon Tartlets...
These Lemon Tartlets were topped with a raspberry and
a piece of mint on each one.
They were so good!  Of course I am a lemon nut
so I might not be a fair judge!
The luncheon included a salad famous to those
of us who know what J.L. Hudsons
 was in Michigan.  
They had a lunch room that we all enjoyed
going to and the Maurice Salad was a favorite.
They duplicated the ingredients here.
There were strips of ham, turkey and cheese,
shredded lettuce and sweet relish (which I didn't use)
and the famous Maurice dressing! We also had
homemade muffins, bread rolls and fruit!
 Behind this area is an island that had a terrific
punch flavored with strawberries...it was very good!
The tables were all set with decorative plates,
silverware and a wine glass...the little baskets
were something I found up here in Traverse City
and they added Cherry flavored candies to them
since Cherries are a huge industry here, and it
makes a connection to our son's hometown.
Each table had a centerpiece with a real bottle of wine
from a local vineyard here in Traverse City and a 
faux bottle of wine with labels my sister created.
Later we played a few games and the faux wine 
bottle was a gift that was won by a few people.  
Inside them were these wine related items.
 Here is a closeup of one of the bottles...Angela's family
is 100% Italian so my sister Jen made the connection
to her heritage with this label.
 My husband's family were Dairy Farmers and raised
Holstein cows for milk.  Again my sister made a 
connection to his family heritage.
Many gifts were given and I have to say that
nearly everything on their wedding registry 
has been purchased!
Do you remember these cakes from back in the
1960's maybe early 1970's?  I got a kick out of
seeing one of these again.  This frosting had to
be kept refrigerated so I snuck a picture of it in the
Here she sits at the table.
Ryan (our son) and Angela's father along
with my husband had returned to help with
loading gifts into cars.  We had
Ryan stand in for a quick photo op!

 The nuptials will take place in about one month

 We are in the countdown now!


  1. What a lovely shower Liz! I'm sure you are having so much fun!!

  2. Oh Liz, this bridal party is just wonderful! It looks like you girls had a great time! I love the table with all the yummies and when my daughter gets married, (no date yet) I will make the old fashioned cake-bride with doll! Yeah, I remember they used to sell these at my girl friend's Grace's bakery her dad had!...memmories are so much fun! Thank you for your always lovely and generous comments. Congrats on son's upcoming wedding. FABBY

  3. Its getting exciting!! Everything looks beautiful and I love the picture of them with the Barbie cake.


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