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June 22, 2011

Enough rain Thank-you!

Everything is wet....I'm anxious to get outside
and trim some shrubs and see the sun 
shine again! It's been raining 3 days straight
and they say more is coming!
These Violas seeded themselves into the 
pathway...I call them volunteers!

The plants are heavy with water...
a puddle sits in this leaf....
I have been waiting for these red peonies
to bloom...it's been raining so much
they are all laying with their faces down
I hope to see the sun tomorrow so I can
get a nice picture of these!
The Endless Summer Hydrangeas are full of
flower heads...It will be quite a show
when they start to bloom
The mulch is soggy like a bog right now,
on this side of the path is a group of
Limelight Hydrangeas I planted last year.
Below them are some Elijah Blue Fescue that
are being dwarfed by the hydrangeas. I
should probably move them...they like sun!
This is early evening and I tried to get off
some shots, but it's so dull and dark already
I didn't get very great pictures.
This is one of my favorite Hostas called
Great Expectations
It's very large and has very thick heavy leaves.
(Don't forget you can click on the picture to enlarge)
This was my favorite shot this evening...a
flower  coming up under the leaves
of the hosta....
Up around the corner is this group of
hostas... this picture didn't do it justice.
I'm pleased with how they are filling in.
 A shot of the "island" as I like to call it-
I have 4 hostas on the left called
 "Remember Me" that I would like to pop out
and move. I don't know why I planted them
in a tight row.  As you can see the Japanese
Forest Grass (Hakone) has taken off this
year.  It was dragging it's feet for two years
after I split it up and spread it out.  I gave
everything a shot of an organic fertilizer
this year and I think it's working!
Just to the right a closer shot with the fountain
It was getting dark quickly...I like how the
wet stones look so old world...

Have you been getting a lot of rain?
We have had more than our share lately!
I hope this weekend will dry up and we
can see the sun again!


  1. Your stone pathway looks completely wonderful, wet or dry. And your peonies--I'm smitten too! Of course I have a longtime love affair with the violas. Mine are currently volunteering in my lawn. Silly flowers!

  2. We too are longing for a day or two of steady sunlight to lift our spirits and the heads of the flowers.

  3. How lovely...what kind of organic fertilizer did you use? I'd love any advice you could give on getting things to bloom. We've had on and off rain. Tonight it's very chilly. I'm on my porch wearing a sweatshirt and wishing I had a pair of socks! Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it!

  4. Your garden is just beautiful! We haven't had the rain you have had, but we've had enough for everything to look full and lush. Hopefully you'll see the sun for a few days. Your island is so lovely, and the hardscapes at night with the lighting--gorgeous!! Loved my visit!

  5. Liz,

    Despite the rain your garden looks beautiful and lush. What a gorgeous peony! I too have violas that have spread, but I have decided to let them go :-)


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