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June 9, 2011

First showing!

Well, I had to wait a year to see these
and I am loving them!
These Bearded Iris are called
Orange Harvest
it is considered a reblooming iris
so I should have a 2nd showing in 
the fall!

Can you tell I like them?
I took some quick shots of my other
bearded iris.  I don't know the name these.
I had to do some quick weeding because
there was some rather tall grass
growing amongst them! I  haven't 
done a thing with this flower bed
yet, except to try and pull some of the
grass out today!  Lazy streak!
 I still have a lot more grass to pull out. 
Fortunately it was coming out easily.

 It's an overcast day today. I tried to capture
a picture of the island out front of the house
from end to end.
The Weeping Mulberry on the right
was competing to be in the picture!

 This blue spruce has gotten huge!
I have to laugh at myself, because I assured
my husband when I came up with the island
 idea to add around the spruce tree that it
wasn't going to get that much larger around
at the base!  We've had to make the island
wider twice and now we have to occasionally
 trim some lower branches to keep it in check!
They can get up to 75 feet tall and up
to 20 foot across.
The Blue Oat Grass I planted when we first
did the island has always been a great easy
plant to grow. In the spring it's full of dead
grass around the sides that I just pull with
my fingers and remove it. 
It will have some tall plumes soon.
 Now if you can bring this bottom photo up
next to this one above, you'd just about
have it all in there!
Up closer- the Salvia is just starting to bloom
it will get a lot prettier.
 Still waiting for the peonies to open!
Today it dropped to 52 degrees..two days ago it was 97 degrees.
I don't mind a little fluctuation, but that's a
pretty large disparity!


  1. Your garden is so gorgeous! Your hostas and iris are so beautiful! I tried posting a comment on your most recent post, but the comment box never came up on my screen. I tried 3 different times :( Bloggers been doing some weird things on my end today!

  2. Gorgeous Irises!!! Your Orange Harvest is so striking. We planted a blue spruce tree about 10 years ago and it is quite large now. No worries though since it isn't in a garden. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gardens.


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