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June 4, 2011

Weekend Warriors!

Today started early 6:30 and we were getting
5 yards of hardwood mulch loaded at 8:15
this morning!  There had been some rainy
 weather predicted but it passed by us,
although we got some extra humidity out
of it.   Fortunately is was in the
mid 70's and comfortable to be out in.
I planted my five new
"Lizabeth" Hardy Geraniums,
they look rather insignificant right now
 but they will be awesome (someday!)
We had to trim the blue spruce as it was
encroaching on the garden more and more.
I hate to trim it but it's quite the behemoth
and has to be trimmed at the bottom
every so often.
This is the opposite side showing the
Hardy Geraniums I planted several years ago.

Each year they come back fuller
and they bloom a nice long time.
The Peonies are close to blooming.  I adore
their smell and look forward to them blooming,
I just wish they would last longer!
The Blue Spruce is still filling out with it's
new growth.  The new growth is so soft to
touch  and I thought it was so attractive I
had to take a picture!
The other corner of the island has these Stella
D'Oro Daylilies. They will be blooming soon.
As you can see I got the mulch spread out here.
It smells really good too!
The hostas are perfect and there are many
other plants coming along like Echinacea,
Blue Oat and a Shrub Rose. This area is on
the front side of our home near the road and
it gets the most sun. 
This is one of my new obelisks I set
out behind the fountain area.  Now
the Hostas are filling in it's looking
more established in it's new home.  I
planted the impatiens a week ago and they
are already showing signs of more growth.
Soon they will
 be covering the edge of the stones!
This Hosta is looking quite perfect this year!
I wanted to split it and make a couple more
starts but I hated to interrupt it's perfect shape!
This was a pair of Hostas I planted by a
Crabapple tree that used to in that general
 location.  It was looking so thin and
unattractive we took it down last year.  I put
a new PeeGee Hydrangea Tree right near the
same spot.  Fingers crossed that it will look
fabulous this year when it blooms!
I held the camera above my head and took a
shot of this corner.  I made a pattern last
year and I guess I'm enjoying watching it
develop this year! The Coral Bells should be
blooming soon!
I am enjoying this Etain Viola so much...such
a pretty face
and these have a lovely scent too!
One more thing...I have a very small Fairy
Garden I started last year.  I am in creative
 mode right now on it. These were two
miniature topiaries I found at the craft store.
I was picking
up some stones for the Fairy Garden and
it came to me to add some to the bottom
of these to make them a little more rustic
and less prone to tipping over!
With the hot glue gun I managed to get them
on the bases.  Hopefully next week I will
have the updates done and will show some
pictures of my Fairy Garden.

Sunday I expect we will work some more on 
getting more mulch spread out

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