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June 26, 2011

Fairy Gardening

Welcome to my fairy garden! 
 I've named it
 Stoney Hollow...
 Come and take a tour with me!
Stoney Hollow is aptly named since stones 
seem to show up all the time!  The center of 
 Stoney Hollow has a rather large rock
that seems to be where this fairy
community began!
To the far corner we have the 
fairy meeting center, where each
night they gather, have their dinner
and make decisions about what jobs 
need to be taken care of!
You are welcome to visit  and
have a bowl of Fairy Dust Soup
with them! 
(It tingles in your mouth and 
warms your belly!)
These fairies not only take care of the
stones and place them all around-
they also tend to the flowers and plants!
This fine fairy loves to take care of the
flowers and put them in pots.  She
loves to share them with the others, so 
they can have them in their homes!
  This little guy is taking a rest today....
there has been so much rain lately
he doesn't have to water the plants.
 These fairies have been doing a lot of  
landscaping this year and added some 
new fencing!
They've even added a new bird bath!
 She's in charge of the pond, she keeps
it clean and feeds the fish!
 This fairy keeps an eye out for rabbits! 
They've been having some problems with 
them eating their plants and flowers!
 The fairies would like you to join them in
a cup of tea!
She's all ready for you!
 After you have some tea you are welcome
to come around and see
where the fairies live!
 This door leads you to their homes
inside the giant maple tree.
 Sorry no pictures can be taken inside
as this is a magical place and you
can only enter with special
 She's in charge of sweeping off
all the stones!
Thank-you for visiting us at Stoney Hollow
and we hope you will come back soon!
I'm linking  up with 
The Little Round Table's-  Link Party


  1. Hi Liz,

    Your fairy garden is so adorable! I love how you have them sprinkled among the hosta plants. It sure is a magical place.

  2. what a cute fairy garden. thanks for stopping & commenting, Liz! next time please link up so others can come visit. Mr. linky is easy to use, or you may leave a link in your comment directly to your post. Nice to meet you!
    ~Faythe @ GMT

  3. So very special and sweet! Love your fairy garden.

    Thanks for joining the garden party,

  4. What a delightful fairy garden Stoney Hollow is! I would love to have permission to enter the maple tree! Thanks for your visit & kind comment :-)

  5. This is gorgeous. I have tried to find this gazebo online and I can't find it. Would you be willing to share where I could purchase it? Thanks. Debby


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