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July 3, 2016

Painting Planted Pots

Well- in typical fashion I decided after I planted this faux watering can I decided I wanted it painted blue to go with some of my pottery.
This little watering can planter was only one year old but the paint was badly faded. 

I had the can on the right (Brilliant Blue) but wanted it a little deeper to be more like cobalt blue. The little "Short Cuts" can (Forever Blue) was spotted while browsing at the hardware store and I thought it was the closest I was going to come to cobalt blue.  It's really small and didn't go far.

I wrapped the plant with a grocery bag to help tuck the plant in and then some cardboard finished it off and it was ready for paint.  A quick shot of paint and I was committed!

Since we had a lot more of the brilliant blue we chose to cover it with that for a good base.

Dan likes to paint so I'm always glad to have him do this part.  Though the Brilliant Blue looked good it wasn't quite the color I wanted yet.

Here it is painted with the final coat of Forever Blue.  In the shade it looks pretty dark but in all actuality it's just what I wanted. 

It does look like cobalt blue doesn't it!  Yay!

You can almost see the blue pot down below- the plant is covering it up quite a bit now.  

The deck is the next thing to spruce up. We are behind on projects!

Sorry about the low grade pictures- used my cell phone instead of the real camera.
Now with my other blue pots I feel I have a theme going!  I know it's a small no biggie project but it made me happy since I stare at it from the kitchen and it was bugging me!  

I'm joining:


  1. Little projects are so rewarding to get done, Liz. Your cobalt blue watering can looks great! I had to laugh when I saw this project as I've painted many a pot with plants already growing. Your pots of flowers are looking so lush and lovely on your deck. Enjoy your Forth, dear Liz. ♥

  2. Very clever way to paint! I might have thought of the grocery bag, but the cardboard cylinder was perfect. Love the new color! I have four old grubby pots that need painting, but I'd thought I'd have to wait till the begonias were finished.

  3. Have been wanting to do the same thing with one of my potted plants. Great job!

  4. You have such a gorgeous deck and your watering can came out great! I love that color :) Thank you so much for linking up with us this week at Dishing It & Digging It!


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