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March 1, 2016

Bunny Hopping Start to Easter Decorating

One of my favorite things about Easter decorating are the bunnies!
 The minute I saw this I knew where it was going

Remember the metal wreath I talked about not long ago that was gifted to me at  Christmas?  Well I stuffed it with a whole bunch of these boxwood spheres/balls from Pier 1.  It was a job getting them in there and I don't intend to take them out!

I found a wood candle pedestal in my stash that worked perfectly to set this on.  Don't you think it has a touch of folk art look to it?  I thought it was a great pick up to go with the rustic wreath.  I may stuff a little bit of moss around the base of the candles.  

I put a lantern near it but decided to put eggs and carrots in there instead of a candle.  Mr. Bunny is hopping on over there to get a bite to eat pick up some eggs to deliver!

The eggs are a mix from JoAnn's and Michael's and the carrots came from Hobby Lobby.  I've seen several versions of similar looking carrots this year at various stores but I went for these since they were reasonable and on sale.

So that's my Bunny Hopping start to Easter decorating- a little mix of rustic and glitter!
There will be lots of bunnies this year!

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  1. Your "bunny hopping" looks terrific! I love that metal wreath and the way you've filled it - can imagine how hard that was! It seems like it would be a very versatile piece for all seasons whether propped up or laying flat like you have it. You've created wonderful table décor with the lantern filled with Easter goodies as well.

  2. Such a sweet bunny. I love that wreath like that. You can use it every season or holiday. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Liz, I don't know how you were successful getting the balls into that wire frame, but I like the look! Great idea! Love that sweet bunny too. Hope to have some hopping around here soon.

  4. Liz, that bunny is adorable! Love the vignettes and the boxwood looks great in your rustic wreath. The lantern completes the look with it's filled Easter surprises.;

  5. Love the bunny! It is very pretty...Christine

  6. You are so clever! The whole vignette is beautiful! I'm loving that bunny.

    Thanks for being with us for Thoughts of Home on Thursday. We are so happy about having you. :)

  7. Bunnies are my favorite, too. The boxwood spheres look very nice inside the metal ring...love all that texture! Your hopping bunny is the perfect addition. I'm sorry I haven't made it by in a while, and I've enjoyed catching up this morning. You always inspire me!


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