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March 8, 2016

Bunny Charger Wreath

I'll start with the end result and explain the rest…

When I first put the pre-made bunny wreath (Michael's) on the door it felt like it needed something more.  I had various ideas fly into my head and then I noticed these chargers at Michael's that had a wood grain look.   

I explained my idea to hubby and we hashed out how we were going to do it.  We discussed using glue but I was concerned with it holding up because this is on a door that is sandwiched in between a storm door.  So we decided to use wire to put it together with some glue.  Two holes were drilled for the wire.

The wire was cut with a longer side because of how the loop to hang this with was going to be created.

You can see up close how the wire looks that's holding it in place.

The 2nd charger was marked to drill the other holes needed and a wood wedge was glued in place to help the charger balance next to the other one..

Another wedge of wood was placed at the bottom so the bottom charger wouldn't tip towards the door.  Dabs of Gorilla Glue were used at the mid point where the two chargers overlap to help the charger stay in the same spot.

The wires were connected and an area to hang it with.  We also gave the back a quick coat of white paint  to make everything look uniform and nicer to view from the backside since you can see it through the door.

I tried to take a close-up of how it hangs on the command hook.  I wanted to leave the clear command hook in place since I also have a skinny basket that hangs here too and the hook is just the right height for it.  

So that's my Bunny Charger Wreath!


  1. Hi Liz, what a great project. It looks so wonderful on your door!! You came up with the perfect solution to use the chargers as the background. It really made the bunny show up too. You and your hubby are a great team coming up with the idea using wire. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. xo

  2. Liz, You made something cute look even better. I love the chargers behind the bunny. Great idea. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Very sweet wreath Liz. It looks so pretty on your door. Spring has arrived and Easter will soon be here.

  4. Liz that is so cool. The perfect project for a storm door. Love the bunny wreath.

  5. How cute! I never would have thought to do that! Love it!

  6. What a great way to showcase your cute bunny! How clever you are, Liz. ♥

  7. That is really neat! I love it. Sheila

  8. Great idea, Liz! I love the Bunny Wreath and you've really made it stand out with the chargers. Your door looks ready for Easter, for sure!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  9. How creative! It looks great and is more substantial and eye-catching now. What an improvement!

  10. How precious! I love how you added the chargers!

  11. Good morning Liz. Your bunny wreath is so cute! Is your door purple? Whatever shade it really is, it's pretty.

    So glad you shared this at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. I'm happy to see you up bright and early this morning. :)

  12. Adorable Liz! What a great idea!

  13. Hi Liz,
    That was a creative idea to add to the bunny wreath.....such a pretty spring/Easter touch for your door.

  14. I love the bunny wreath.. I have seen the bunny without the chargers and thought the same thing - it needed something. What a perfect idea, so cute!

  15. Genius Liz! Such a clever idea!

  16. You are so talented and creative.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  17. Your wreath has hopped into my heart! You post was truly a joy to read and I hope that you will continue adding your ray of sunshine every week on Thoughts of Home on Thursdays.

  18. Thank you Liz for sharing your lovely bunny. I will be featuring it at SYC Thursday this week. Jo


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