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July 17, 2019

Garden Island Updated

 I decided to expand the front island so first I sprayed a line to follow.  Dan used an edger to create the initial line.

 We used the front end loader of our John Deere tractor to remove most of the sod.  Some hand digging was necessary.

The whole reason for this was that the blue spruce tree has gotten so big that it was taking over my space for the flowers.

 This was the island last year.

Here is a close up of the coreopsis, daisies, cone flowers and more.  Most of these have been moved.

 I began by digging and placing the perennials in different spots in this corner.  Some I transplanted from the right side of the garden and some were just packed in so I loosened up the look.

 I added some new Veronica, Shasta Daisies and two variegated sedums that I moved over from my "Forgotten Garden"
This area is my Forgotten Garden- I dug a bunch of plants from here (this is last year's image) and moved them over to the island.  It has become so shady here that things weren't doing well.

 We stopped into the garden center and I was blown away by this lily.  It's tag read O.Lilium "Carbonero"  It's about 3 ft tall and loaded with deep raspberry silky blooms.  I also bought a hydrangea shrub called "Little Quick Fire" to put out front.

 Now we've put the mulch down and I'm pretty well done with the plants.  You'll notice I put what looks like tomato cages in place.  That is where I intend to move my peonies this fall.  I have read that they don't like being moved but they are being shaded too much and fighting for light near the other side of the blue spruce.

 That's a row of coreopsis behind the cages.  They are sort of stuck there as years ago I put down a narrow strip of landscape fabric to help keep the grass back.  Well as time went by they grew right on top of the landscape fabric.  So I decided to leave them right where they are.  

 The Little Quick Fire hydrangea is on the right side now.  It should only get to be around 3x5' both width and height.  

Here's a panoramic of it.  
It was a big job and I have to thank my hubby for without him this would never have gotten done! 

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  1. This looks beautiful. You are lucky to have such a good man and gardener.

  2. It looks so pretty and a lot of hard work.

  3. Hard work indeed, but it will fill in nicely. Love your gardens.

  4. You are totally unbelievable! It is gorgeous! Now, be careful out there these next few days -- hot, hot hot!

  5. So, so lovely, Liz! I understand about the lack of sunlight. Plants really tell us where they want to be. Isn't nice to have a husband that willingly helps us with the big chores in the garden? I always enjoy seeing your projects come to fruition.

  6. Wow, Liz, that turned out beautiful! I love a good garden makeover and I find inspiration in yours and others. Happy gardening!

  7. Beautiful job! Love how you’ve placed every plant, they really look great in their new spots. You will love this bed for years to come.

  8. What a beautiful job Liz! Those flowers are going to look so wonderful when they fill in. Your whole yard is so gorgeous!

  9. What a lot of work you put into spot! I used to do a lot of gardening when I lived in Ohio, so I know this was no easy task! It looks great now, and I know next summer it is going to look even more beautiful! I can't wait for us to finally do our construction in our back so that I can finally plant a garden!

  10. Beautiful.

  11. It looks great Liz! You are going to love the quickfire hydrangea in the Fall, just wait for gorgeous pink color!

  12. Liz, like you, I have a "head gardener" who does the heavy gardening. : ) It looks SO beautiful, you are going to adore that hydrangea. But like you, I'm really taken with those lilies! What a gorgeous color....thank you so much for sharing your front garden, I love it! Here in our smaller California garden, things are shriveling up from the heat and sun, but hoping that a daily dose of water will keep most plants safe until the cooler temps return. xo Lidy

  13. Liz, we are both blessed with hubbies that help with the gardening. I love your makeover, it looks fabulous and I can imagine how it will look next year! Kudos for a job well done!

  14. I am just now getting around to visiting. I LOVE that you extended that garden area. It looks just beautiful. All of your gardens are beautiful. You could have been a garden designer if you wanted to do that.

    We have decided to build a house so I can't wait to have some space to garden in again. xo Diana

  15. Hi Liz,
    This looks so pretty. Your yard is so beautiful. I bet it just makes you smile to be outside and see all your pretty areas in your yard. Just beautiful.


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