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April 20, 2020

Shelter In Place Early Gardening

 This was March 28 just a bit after we were ordered to Shelter In Place.  I finally decided that we were going to remove the four Alberta Spruces that followed the walkway to the patio.

 Why you ask?  Well they had become so overgrown they were taking up half of the sidewalk.  I'll take the blame for this because they were planted too close right from the beginning.

 So Dan geared up and began cutting them down.

 The reason I didn't just trim them up is beause as you can see the branches were brown underneath with only green on the ends.  If I could have trimmed them up they would also have been severely lopsided.

 Ahh I like this a lot better.  Sorry for the blurred photo but it was all I took.

 Now we have four stumps to get rid of so Dan hooked up a log chain and dragged them out with the garden tractor.

 Their roots were spread everywhere so so we had a raking and pulling to do afterwards.

 I hope this video attachment works!

 There were 5 hostas planted on the other side of the Alberta Spruces near the grass so I dug them all up and Dan split them all in half for me and then I planted them in a row.  These are a pretty tall dark green hostas (which I transplanted last fall from my hosta hill) and should make a nice display.

 Here we are on Saturday April 18th and now I'm targeting the three Limelight Hydrangeas on the left side of the large stepping stones.  I've got my fertilizer and tools ready to go!

 This is a close up of the three hydrangeas next to the tulips.

 I'm going to move them over to the area where the hostas were just planted. 

 I pre-dug the holes for the three hydrangeas and Dan lifted and dug out the hydrangeas.  Somehow he managed to barely disturb the tulips!

 Here's a closer view of the Limelights.  

I hope you can see them and imagine what they'll look like as they leaf out!
My goal is to make my garden areas less maintenance and to plan for the future.  It looks pretty bleak right now but before you know it it will fill out and take on a whole new look!

Hard to believe that those twiggy looking shrubs will look like this before long!
I have plans for this area too!

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  1. I agree the Spruces gone look so much better. Those Spruces usually look good for a few years and then as they get older they seem to die from the inside out. The hostas are going to look so good. Your hostas always look wonderful. Can't wait to see your garden come to life. We are getting close.

  2. I wonder how our hydrangeas up north will hold up this year. It wasn't a bad winter but they don't get too much sun where they are. At this point, I wonder if I'll even see them...

    It looks great. Too bad you could dig up and replant the trees but they're awfully big and I think it would have required power equipment!

  3. It is a much neater, cleaner look. I know how hard it is mentally to uproot well established plantings but sometimes you just gotta do it. Everything looks lovely. xo Diana

  4. You and Dan make a great team, Liz! I always enjoy seeing how you change up your gardens each year. I know it will be lovely as always!

  5. Removing those spruces really made a difference. The hostas and hydrangeas will be lovely in the summer. I can’t wait to see them in their glory so be sure you post that! Glad you’re staying busy while you’re staying at home. Zenda

  6. What a job! It does look wide open now. With your transplants, everything will look fabulous. Your hostas are always gorgeous, along with the hydrangeas. I wish I had more shade, I would grow hostas. I bet your backs are feeling achy after all of that hard work. Rest up.


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